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Category: Summer Writing Contest

Summer Writing – Connections Through Quarantine by Cynthia Chang

It can be debated that quarantine either made people grow closer or more distant with the ones they see every day. After I graduated middle school, I lost touch with…
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Summer Writing – Top 5 Lunch Break Foods by Jordan Yim

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to intern in Flushing, NY working at the Glow Community Center. It was quickly evident after a few days at work where I’ve learned…
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Summer Writing – Oyster Mystery by Katherine Ni

Have you wondered what happened after the English found piles of oyster beds on the east coast of New York? Have you wondered how the New York Culture would be…
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Summer Writing – 7 things to do to pass time during Quarantine by Nancy Jiang

Since the start of the current pandemics you’ve probably been stuck at home, whether because you’re in quarantine, working or studying from home, or just the fear of crowds and…
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Summer Writing – Learning to Love Quarantine by Cynthia Chang

It’s easy to get tired of everyday things when you can’t do anything else to distract you. Looking at the same white wall with pencil marks, wearing the same clothes…
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Summer Writing – Buried Treasure by Cynthia Chang

Buried Treasure “No, Cynthia, look! We have to go through the Old Empty Log and then we can go on the Plank Bridge,” Sofia exclaimed as she aggressively pointed at…
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