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Summer Writing – Top 5 Lunch Break Foods by Jordan Yim

Summer Writing – Top 5 Lunch Break Foods by Jordan Yim

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to intern in Flushing, NY working at the Glow Community Center. It was quickly evident after a few days at work where I’ve learned that if lunch is not something thought about ahead of time, it might end up being a huge waste of time that might cut into your allotted break time. I’m here to give you some suggestions so you don’t have to waste time figuring out what to eat.

1. Dumplings
Dumplings is a huge one, it’s easy and accessible to get. Most dumpling places are cheap and delicious. Don’t be intimidated by the many different kinds of dumplings that are on the menus, if you like Chinese dumplings, Chive and Pork is a common go-to. And if you don’t like Chives there’s usually a cabbage option. If you’re vegetarian, depending on how strict you are, there is typically a vegetarian option as well. It’s easily one of the best choices to get for lunch, they usually come in a few sizes of orders to give you options for days you want to share or just have an order to yourself. My favorite dumpling spot in Flushing is Chu Kee. I like their fried pork dumplings that they serve, perfectly fried and full of juice that explodes in the mouth.

2. Noodles
Eating noodles is the easy part but choosing what kind is the challenge. There are many varieties of styles for noodles each having their own quirk, there are a large variety of instant and cup noodles that you can pick up at any of the supermarkets nearby for cheap. My go-to style of noodles is hand-pulled beef fried noodles. The thing about Flushing is that there are easily over 30 restaurants either primarily serving noodles or have a variety of noodles on their menus. I challenge you to try as many as you can and let us know what your findings are.

3. Rice
In my home, rice is a staple grain well-stocked throughout the year. Rice is also like noodles, you can find different kinds of rice. Popular options usually include white rice and brown rice, sometimes you might find sticky rice or even purple rice. If you decide you want to eat healthy one day you can eat brown rice instead of white. In addition, rice is a side dish so it can be combined with anything. One of my favorite combinations with rice is teriyaki beef.

4. Bubble Milk Tea
To the people who “don’t get hungry,” here is a lunch option for you. Bubble tea, or the way I like to call it, boba, is a treat that you can get any time of the day. For example, Graham Lo, a diabolo instructor at Glow Community Center, gets 3 milk teas almost every day. Plenty of toppings and addons to explore from boba to pudding to herbal and lychee jellies. But wait, there’s more! Beyond just bubble milk tea, there are an assortment of juice and tea drink varieties as well as other coffee and milk tea blends. Before you order, you may want to think about how much sugar you would like to consume. It has become more and more customary to be asked by the order taker what level sugar would you want, either 30%, 50% 75%, or normal.

5. Leftovers
For the people who want to save money or just don’t know what to get, here is a last resort option. But think about it like this, whatever you make at home must’ve been pretty darn good. If you ever had leftovers from dinner or any food, you can put them in a container and bring it along with you to work. At my workplace, it has a microwave so I could heat up my leftovers which makes it more enjoyable. If you don’t have a microwave at the office, maybe you want to heat up the food before leaving the house for work. It may not be as hot, but it sure won’t be anything like taking it straight out of the refrigerator.

That’s all folks, my options for lunch at the workplace may seem pretty simple. But simple is what I shoot for especially when you’re pressed on time to complete projects and assignments. It’s always a smart move to prepare a little bit. You know what they say, you can’t dig a well when you’re thirsty. Why not make it easier on ourselves? and spend that time we could be using to decide on what to eat on taking the time to enjoy your coworkers’ company while you switch gears. Having conversations and discussions over lunch are great opportunities to catch up and build a rapport that might just get you on someone’s good side.