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Summer Writing – 7 things to do to pass time during Quarantine by Nancy Jiang

Summer Writing – 7 things to do to pass time during Quarantine by Nancy Jiang

Since the start of the current pandemics you’ve probably been stuck at home, whether because you’re in quarantine, working or studying from home, or just the fear of crowds and possible exposure. Here are some positive ways one can explore and find new ways to grow and utilize their time to do valuable things.

1. Have family game night with your family!
Gather all the board games you have at home and have a family night after dinner. Spending quality time with family members helps bring positive relationship building opportunities. Board games can also provide a healthy way to be competitive and also to build collaborative skills. To make sure you don’t get sick of a game you could have this once or twice a week and switch games each week so you don’t get tired of it!

Learn to Bake and cook!
To help you decide what recipe to follow, you should check your pantry and fridge to see what ingredients you can work with. You can also try making your own recipe if you’re the type to try new things! There are many resources online such as videos and articles that vary with styles and difficulty levels, so, see what works out for you! Don’t forget to take pictures of your final product!

2. Start exercising. (If you don’t already, and keep going if you do)
Summer is coming around soon, this is the perfect time to workout for your summer body. Exercising doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but you do need motivation and a little bit of preparation. First make a workout plan for yourself, it could be a simple schedule indicating what kind of exercise plan you want to complete for each day. Then find yourself a workout buddy so working out won’t be so boring, and it would be helpful to keep each other accountable, especially on those really sluggish days. Finally, make time for it, whether it’s 10 mins or 2 hours, pick a time of the day that you dedicate to exercising so it becomes a consistent habit!

3. Catch up with friends and connect with loved ones.
Video Chat with your friends and catch up with their lives. You may be curious as to how they are holding up, but they may also be interested in what’s new with you too! There are plenty of video chat apps on the market these days. It’s been awhile since y’all probably have actually had a good talk. Now that you have time, start catching up with each other.

4. Movie night.
Sit in the living room and gather your family to watch a movie. You can ask your parents to take out their old CD player and watch some old movies. You can also go on a platform that allows you to watch movies. If you want to watch movies with family not living with you, then find a platform that allows you to watch movies on different screens but at the same time! This is also the perfect time to binge watch your tv shows!

Try to learn a new language.
Now that you have so much time try to learn a new language. You can start off by exploring different language learning apps. After finding the right learning app, spend time practicing and reviewing. Surprise everyone with a new language you learned, have an excuse to travel and practice your new language, connect with new friends around the world.

5. Clean up your room.
It’s always a good time to do a bit of spring cleaning. The best thing is you usually create new spaces so that you can choose to dedicate it to things you love. School is almost over so it’s the best time to throw away anything you don’t need or stash aside to donate. You can also redecorate your room and restore old decor so you can start the new school year fresh and new!