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Summer Writing – Learning to Love Quarantine by Cynthia Chang

Summer Writing – Learning to Love Quarantine by Cynthia Chang

It’s easy to get tired of everyday things when you can’t do anything else to distract you. Looking at the same white wall with pencil marks, wearing the same clothes everyday, even having your glasses fog up from wearing a mask. But through it all, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things and take notice of subtle changes.

After watching countless TikTok embroidering videos, I made an impulse decision and bought an embroidering kit. So far, I’ve only made flowers and written some phrases on an old t-shirt of mine. Nevertheless, this created a domino effect in my journey of understanding the fundamentals of textile art. I started knitting last winter when my school’s Red Cross held a drive to give handmade scarves to the homeless. After donating my scarf, I eventually hung up my knitting needles because the process was either too boring or too difficult to learn the interesting techniques. Although it seems unlikely that such a drive will occur this year, I continue to knit while watching videos in hopes of giving away my scarves
this year.

While watching videos on how others are coping with the quarantine adjustment, I’ve learned to appreciate the modern technology that allows me to do so. I never realized how incredible it was to have the ability of reaching my friends from miles away. Even more so, I now recognize the privilege of reading the news about my community in the palm of my hand. I’ve even learned to love school. Although I always liked school, I’ve never wished to sit inside a classroom as much I do now. I grew to love the online classes that make it seem as though I’m in the classroom learning with my peers and teachers, even if I’m just outside in my backyard, computer in hand.

I used to take sunny days for granted, now I’m grateful for any opportunity I have to go outside. Before quarantine, I usually had to leave the house for school purposes, now I do choose to step out the front door. After I stopped seeing outdoor activities as a task I’m forced to do, I’ve learned to appreciate nature and exercising. Whether that be the walks and runs I take outside or the workout videos on YouTube. I’ve even rediscovered my lost passion for fencing. Wearing a face mask underneath my fencing mask is an adjustment, but just hearing the clash of the metal weapons brings a smile to my face.

With so much negativity going around in our communities and the controversies over how we should act, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the hatred. It’s important that I take this time to improve myself and my attitude. I never would have thought about being grateful for the everyday aspects if it hadn’t been for quarantine.