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Nutritional Seminar 營養座談會 – by Professor Hsiao-Liang Pai

Nutritional Seminar 營養座談會 – by Professor Hsiao-Liang Pai

Friends and family attended our nutrition seminar as a part of our health and wellness series of community events. Folks learn about nutritional know-how and easy ways to improve dient, manage weight, boost energy levels, and prevent disease. These are essential to develop a personal action plan that could change our relationship with food forever.

Topics discussed were on  food that should be eaten more often, managing stress through diet and nutrition, eating to live, strategies to prevent disease and Q&A for our distinguished guest speaker Dr. Hsiao Liang Pai.

Professor Hsiao-Liang Pai is a very prestigious educator and author in Health and Nutrition who has conducted hundreds of seminars in Taiwan and the U.S. throughout past four decades. She has received a Doctor’s degree of Education in Health and Behavioral Studies, Master of Education of Nutrition of Education, Master of Science in Human Nutrition, Master of Public Health in Environmental Science, and bachelor of Arts in Food and Nutrition.

GCC is honored to host a seminar with Professor Hsiao-Liang Pai as the guest speaker to talk about how Proper Diet can lead to Health. Free admission with limited seats. Please registered ASAP. First come first serve.

白小良教授是一位具有權威性及國際水準的營養學專家及作家。她在台灣及美國曾舉辦過數百次的營養座談會,並擁有營養習性教學專研的博士學位、營養教學碩士學位、人類營養學碩士學位、環境營養學碩士學位,和食物與營養學士學位。 啓陽活動中心很榮幸的能請到白小良教授為我們在座談會上講解如何吃出健康。免費門票,但名額有限,請大家盡快報名參加。


September 7, 2019 (Saturday) 3PM-4PM
九月七日 (星期六) 下午三點到四點
Glow Community Center 啓揚活動中心
133-29 41 Avenue, 1st Fl (一樓禮堂)
Flushing, NY 11355 (718) 359-1888