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GCC Volunteers finding meaningful ways to contribute

GCC Volunteers finding meaningful ways to contribute

Many folks decide to celebrate Thanksgiving and the coming of the winter holidays by serving together with their family and friends. Here at Glow Community Center, our volunteers are busy setting up opportunities this winter and spring for many of their peers to find meaningful ways to contribute.

Ideas that are being discussed are just in it’s beginning stages but have already recruited a lot of support from their classmates and friends. Volunteers are not just limited to students, but also working professionals who have the passion to serve on their time off from work.

“We can all agree that we can each contribute 1500 hours before the end of the school year together. – 16, Volunteer

“We also agree we need to do things that are out of our comfort zone and at the same time can build our skills.” –  15, Volunteer

Volunteers are expected to be trained to develop their skills such as their language skills, to be AV Techs, public speakers, photojournalists, web content management and even CPR to get their feet wet in incidence responsiveness & awareness.

Volunteer meetings are a serious business to the volunteers at Glow Community Center, starting each of the meeting with a rigorous activity that promotes teamwork, trust building, ethical decision making, and respect. Then they dive in for a rundown of the agenda. It’s important to the volunteer team to get things done efficiently and respect everyone’s time and opinions.

The Glow Community Center Volunteers work with partners including, New York Service of the Mayor’s Office, local schools and business and City Council.

Information on volunteering at the Glow Community Center, please visit our website or call.