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COVID-19 Vaccine: Latest Updates, Progress & Information w/ DOHMH (Echo Song)

COVID-19 Vaccine: Latest Updates, Progress & Information w/ DOHMH (Echo Song)


  • COVID-19 vaccine introduction 疫苗關鍵信息
  • Vaccine eligibility & appointments 接種資格和預約辦法
  • Things to know before and after getting vaccinated 接種前和接種後的注意事項
  • Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine 强生/杨森疫苗介紹

Q&A 問答環節
Speaker: Echo Song, DOHMH
Is the Vaccine Safe and effective? Will the Vaccine give me COVID? Are COVID Vaccines safe for children? Will, the vaccine make me sick? Will I experience side effects from the second dose? Will the vaccine work against the new COVID Variant? Will I have an allergic reaction from the vaccine? How long will vaccine immunity last? What’s the comparison between the different vaccines? Would my 2nd vaccination appointment be canceled if there’s a shortage? What are the updated eligibility categories?

With the COVID vaccination changing frequently, questions such as whether the vaccine is safe and effective and what kind of side effects are to be expected are common questions amongst community members. Many great questions were asked, much new information helped clarify the confusion about vaccination side effects and eligibility. Echo Song who is the Public Information Speaker, Bureau of Community Engagement, NYC DOHMH shares the most updated vaccine info in Chinese for our Chinese speakers.
Over 50 community members attended the webinar.

About 43% of attendees were new attendees to GCC Webinars.
Topics that drew the most attention and interest from the audience definitely included vaccine eligibility and how to make appointments. A lot of the audiences were also interested in understanding the things to know before and after getting vaccinated.

With the data continuing to evolve, it is important to continue to stay informed by checking the DOHMH website for the most up-to-date information. Vaccination doesn’t mean that you won’t catch COVID-19, but it gives you a fighting chance and helps reduce fatalities. It is important to understand that it is possible to be a carrier and transmit COVID-19 even if you are vaccinated. After vaccination, it is important to continue to practice social distancing, wear masks, and practice proper hygiene.

Echo Song is incredibly informed and delivers these presentations on a regular basis. These presentations however can quickly be outdated as new information surfaces.
It is important to know that vaccine information continues to change frequently as things evolve and to
refer to your primary doctor regarding your own personal health conditions to understand how the vaccine may affect you.

As of March 30, 2021, 4,693,325 vaccines have been delivered to NYC and 3,958,318 (Dose 1: 2,648,825) vaccines have been administered to people.

On March 29th NYC Test and Trace Corp announced walk-in appointments for 75 and older along with one companion will be accepted at three (3) vaccination locations:
Bathgate Contract Postal Station (Bronx),
Brooklyn Army Terminal (Brooklyn),
Citi Field (Queens)

Starting April 1st, 11 DOHMH Vaccine Hubs will also accept walk in appointments for 75 and older and an eligible companion; approximately 100 appts per day

Beginning March 30th, pharmacies can vaccinate people ages 30 and older as well as P-12 school faculty and staff, and childcare workers and individuals with eligible comorbidities or underlying conditions.
Beginning, March 30th, New York residents 30 and older are eligible for vaccination.
Beginning, Tuesday, April 6th, New Yorkers 16 years of age and older will be eligible
Also, it is Spring Break next week, so all Hubs will be open during these hours:
7am – 7pm at sites with first doses and second doses
12pm – 8pm at sites that are offering second doses only

  • Resources:

Make Vaccine Appointment :
(877) 829-4692 or visit website: https://vaccinefinder.nyc.gov/

What You Need to Know After Getting Your Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
接種莫德納 (Moderna) 2019 冠狀病毒 病 (COVID-19) 疫苗後須知 我可以從哪裡獲得更多資訊?
nyc.gov/covidvaccine 接種莫德納 (Moderna) 2019 冠狀病毒 病 (COVID-19) 疫苗後須知 我可以從哪裡獲得更多資訊? NYC 衛生局網站: nyc.gov/covidvaccine 紐約州衛生署網站:

What You Need to Know After Getting Your Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/doh/downloads/pdf/covid/pfizer-after-vaccine-brochure-ch.pdf (Chinese Version)


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