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Glow Dragon Lunar New Year Celebration 2024

Glow Dragon Lunar New Year Celebration 2024

Glow Dragon Lunar New Year Celebration Wrap-up

Happy 2024 Year of the Dragon! This year’s Glow Cultural Center Lunar New Year Celebration featured not one, not two, but three entirely unique events! From the festive Lion Dance parade through Flushing’s Main St, to our family-favorite Cultural Fair, to three hours of cultural performances (a.k.a. The Chinese Variety Show) at Flushing Town Hall, thousands of people came from far and wide to take in the sights and sounds of our lively Lunar New Year festival on February 11th, 2024. 

Chinese Traditional Attire Parade

With hundreds of participants dressed up in festive costumes, our parade had an entourage of Chinese deities, a propitious wedding procession complete with a bride’s sedan, dowry, and maids of honor, dragon kites, line dance, Chinese zodiac costumes, traditional Hanfu attire showcase, and of course the awesome Lion Dance with the Laughing Monk, and firecrackers! 

*At the front of the parade, from left to right, Candidate for New York State Assembly District 40 Andy Chen, Deputy Commissioner of the NYC Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit Peter Koo, our lovely New York City Council Member Sandra Ung, GCC Founder & Chairperson Tai Wang, World Madam & GCC Cultural Ambassador Lily Han, President of Fujian-Taiwan General Chamber of Commerce of USA Inc. Jianrong Chen and GCC Board Member Minwen Yang led the two-hundred person strong procession. 

Following close behind, the Jade Emperor (courteously portrayed by Lawrence Levy, Executive Dean of the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University), long-time GCC supporter Sandy Yeh, Tudigong (God of Land), Cai Shen (Wealth God), the Kitchen God/Guardian of Domestic Life (Zao Shen), and the three Gods of Fortune (Fu Shen), Prosperity (Lu Shen), and Longevity (Shou Shen) walked the streets of Flushing, symbolically bringing divine blessings from the Heavenly gods to the streets of Flushing. Many thanks to the representatives from New York Shandong Association and Hunan Benevolent Association of America who participated in our parade. 

*Hanfu NYC, Chinese Cultural Association of Long Island & Chinese School, the Leonard P. Stavisky School P.S. 242, Syosset Central High School, Fresh Meadows Line Dance Group, and 2024 US Senate candidate Diane Sare’s team also played important roles in making this parade a success. 

*A big thank you to NYPD’s 109 Precinct who worked wonders to safely manage the crowds & traffic

3rd Cultural Fair 

Inside Flushing Town Hall’s first floor gallery, Glow Cultural Center, Hanfu NYC, and AAAAH! (Asian Artist And Activities Hub) presented the 3rd annual Lunar New Year Cultural Fair. It was the biggest one yet with one-of-a-kind artists, artisans, and vendors. Hanfu NYC came prepared with dozens of traditional “Han Chinese” outfits for participants to try on, visualizing and bringing to life the rich cultural history of the Han people. Glow Cultural Center added an artistic vibe to the bazaar with Xiaoyang Zhou’s Chinese calligraphy, Catherine Lau’s dough figurines, Shengxin Xie’s paper cutting and Ms. Yan’s sugar painting. Activities such as pasting spring couplets, paper cut-out on windows, and visiting temple fairs are an important part of the cultural traditions heritage many Chinese immigrants share, and we hope that more people – family, friends, and the next generation – can enjoy these happy and memorable moments together. 

The Beijing “Tuye 兔爷” Tanghulu was a great hit among the kids, leaving trails of sweetness wherever they went, and our dedicated sponsors made sure that no one left empty handed, some handing out treats, thoughtful gifts, and goodie bags, while others added a bit of fun with a “lucky draw” roulette wheel. Outside in the garden where everyone was lined up, our Fortune God team had a money tree hung full of red envelopes with “压岁钱 Ya Sui Qian” (money given to children as a new year present to put down evil), a photo booth and GCC’s very own Managing Director, Marcelo Chan, as the Fortune God, bringing good luck to the eagerly awaiting crowds. 

Marcelo dressed up in the GCC Money God costume with a lucky scroll in hand, posing with a family of four (Father, Mother, & two daughters).

Chinese Variety Show 1 & 2

Guinness World Record holder Lina Liu balancing six umbrellas with her feet, and holding one in each hand.

Upstairs in the 2nd floor theater, our most devoted art & culture enthusiasts gathered for an afternoon of stunning performances, jaw-dropping feats of athleticism, and heart-stopping comical moments. Divided into 2 separate sessions, our featured headliners – two-time Guinness World Record holder Lina Liu, the magical Sichuan face-changing artist Liping Zhang, Diabolo master Graham Lo, and octogenarian Yang Xiao Di’s  “Happy Chef” – received countless gasps, praise and rounds of applause. Glow gifted an exclusive GCC Year of the Dragon beanie, golden chocolate coins, and many new year blessings to bring good luck and fortune to participants. 

"Leaping Upstream" performance photo - a line of seven girls standing shoulder to shoulder, dressed in black satin see-through tops and flowy red dresses, each holding a spread red fan with a white center in front of them so the fans line up like the scales of a fish.

"Lotus Drum Dance" performance photo

*Talented kids & young adults from collaborating art schools brought to the stage a wide range of traditional dances and performances, surprising the audience with their amazing showmanship, artistry, and skills. 

A young couple each holding a sugar painting and wearing GCC's Year of the Dragon beanie.

In summary, the 2024 Glow Dragon Lunar New Year Celebration was an unforgettable experience for visitors, volunteers, staff and sponsors alike. We want to extend our thanks to everyone who made it, and are deeply grateful to everyone who worked behind the scenes to make this big, multi-faceted event happen. Performance highlights, videos and photos of the day are now available through the links below ⬇️and we look forward to organizing more exciting events for the community in the Rising Year of the Dragon! 

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Glow Dragon Chinese Variety Show”祥龙合家欢 ‧ 年味春节文艺演出”

Session 1: https://youtu.be/-7zvAIUiFqo?si=x1ujrfy8taqKnTZ_

Session 2: https://youtu.be/VuBeuqmLaVY?si=a-vfJibWu9qbQobJ




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