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Bystander Intervention/ De-escalation workshop

Bystander Intervention/ De-escalation workshop

Our community faces the spike of anti-Asian stigma due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to address discrimination and know how to support and help each other when we are in the situation.

On 2/22, Glow Community Center in partnership with NYC Commission on Human Rights hosted a Bystander Intervention/ De-escalation workshop (hosted in Mandarin). 38 community members attended with 19 of those attendees joining GCC seminars for the first time. Topic covered included the history of Xenophobia and scapegoating in the US, verbal De-Escalation Strategies, Key Strategies for active intervention, Scenarios, practices, and case studies. Presenter, Flora Ferng, East Asian Communities Liason of the NYC Commission on Human Rights addresses xenophobia and scapegoating in the US. Workshop activities include scenarios, case studies, and role-playing. Strategies such as verbal de-escalation strategies, best practices for strategies regarding active intervention also shared.

During role-playing, people open their mics to ask about, situational responses based on the scenarios and case studies. It was interesting to see that people were creative in their responses regarding situational awareness and responses.

80 % audience at the beginning of the workshops stated that they would rather not intervene due to concerns about their own safety. 50% of the audience later then felt more confident about utilizing the skills and strategies, such as actively practicing to notice areas of safety.

Speaker was great, we will engage in the future. Speaker was organized, spoke clearly, provided clear and brief instructions, Speaker met session objectives initially proposed, session content was perceived as valuable, 60% of the audience engaged in polling, and evidence shows positive participant engagement.

Resources: Flora Ferng/ 馮郁雯
East Asian Communities Liaison
New York City Commission on Human Rights
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