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Year of the Tiger: Lunar New Year Gala & Cultural Street Fair Wrap-Up

2022 Lunar New Year Group Photo

Happiness and fortune to all!  August 29th, 2022

Can you believe it’s been over half a year since GCC held the marvelous Lunar New Year Gala + Cultural Street Fair for the Year of the Tiger?! On January 29th, hundreds of enthusiastic Lunar New Year revelers gathered in Glow Cultural Center (and around a TV screen at home) to celebrate the arrival of a new Spring. The festivities began with a night full of stunning performances and restarted the next day with newfound vigor, including Chinese acrobatics, sugar painting, making dough figurines, Chinese paper-cuts, Sichuanese Bian Lian, diabolo, Lion dancing, embroidery, and handing out red envelopes, of course. In spite of the huge snow storm raging outside, families and friends came from as far as New Jersey and Long Island to join in the revelry. Spirits were high, laughter abounded, and many happy moments were captured not only on camera but also in our hearts. I especially loved the super cute handcrafted “lucky tiger” dolls that remind me of the festival every time I catch sight of them. 

The Lunar New Year is a big event for the entire Asian community. Located in the heart of Flushing, Glow Cultural Center (which literally has “cultural” in its name) makes the celebration of the Lunar New Year a top priority in our list of year-round activities. Traditionally, tigers are often associated with words such as “strong,” “brave” and “mighty,” which carry beautiful meanings of warding off evil spirits and being healthy. Thus, the arrival of the Renyin Year of the Tiger brings new blessings and hope of renewed vigor to people. GCC hopes everyone has a moment to look back to the beginning of the year, reflect on what we have accomplished and what we must continue to improve on, and stride forward into the second half of the year!