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Valentines Day Social Night Visual Wrap Up

Valentines Day Social Night Visual Wrap Up

Valentines Day Social Night

Volunteers at the Glow Community Center held a Valentines Day Social Night to bring young professionals together.

We were doing this for young professionals with the help of young professionals. We are looking to host more events like this to engage the young professionals community in Flushing. As young professionals who had immigrated recently themselves, folks can appreciate the value, the work ethics, the cultural values that young professionals have to offer and as a growing young professional myself, we’d like to see that young professionals get more opportunities.  A night of hanging out, board games, a dance workshop, networking and snacks and refreshments.

We were able to do this with the support of local sponsors and supporters, young professionals around the city invited by their own young professional networks and alumni support from a diverse pool of NYC colleges. Our young professional volunteers are eager to promote events like this focused on networking, skills development, job opportunities and more.