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New York Guqin Center’s 8th Anniverary Community Concert (紐約梅庵琴苑 八週年紀念音樂會) 10/23/2021 3-4pm

This year’s community concert celebrates the 8th Anniversary of the NY Guqin Center and their achievements working with many incredible artists and developing many talented students. Founded in 2013 by Ms. Shihua (Judy) Yeh, a guqin artist in the United States, the NY Guqin Center is the first Guqin Academy in the East of the United States. This community concert is free for the public to attend.

GCC x PSP Free Self-Defense Workshop 8/08/2021

Public Safety Patrol (PSP), civilian patrol group, and Glow Community Center (GCC) are hosting free self-defense training (pre-register to lock your spot). Learn practical techniques, learn to strengthen coordination, ability, balance, and reaction speed of the whole body. 法拉盛民间巡逻隊和啟掦活动中心(GCC)共同举办免费的中国散打和日本空手道自卫训练班,适合纽约市18岁以上人仕参加。

A Closer Look at the Artists Featured in Pigments of Life

The opening ceremony of our art exhibition takes viewers on a journey where they can comfortably revel in the pigments of everyday life On July 10th, Glow Community Center held…
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GCC Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony 啓揚藝術家聯合藝展 7/10/2021 2pm

This Glow Community Center (GCC) Art Exhibition celebrates diversity in arts and reflects the beautiful things people value in their lives. It includes artworks by 4 local artists and Chinese-American youth. The art exhibition will be held from 7/10/2021 through 8/10/2021 and will be free for the public.