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GCC Simple Cooking

GCC Simple Cooking


GCC Workshop Presents: Simple Cooking

May 19th, 2021 2:30pm – 3:30pm ( In Mandarin)

Join us as Chef Yang shares simple yet delicious dishes that you and your family can enjoy. Let Chef Yang motivate you to explore new flavors, stimulate your senses, and try new ingredients while preparing healthy homemade meals that will boost your confidence and bring you joy.

敬邀參加GCC 啓揚活動中心的"簡易烹飪”課程,楊寶芝女士將會示範簡單而美味的家常菜餚。 讓我們和chef Yangㄧ起來嚐試不同的食材和烹飪方式。讓您和家人能快樂地在家共享健康而多樣的美食。

Instructor: Chef Yang

Meeting ID: 977 0362 3776

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楊寶芝女士祖籍浙江宁波,毕业于宁波教育学院。她的母亲厨艺精湛,是典型的中国式贤妻良母。受到母亲的影响,杨女士从小就喜欢研究烹饪,并开始跟着妈妈帮厨。 长大后,杨女士组成了自己的家庭,并继续在美食开发的道路上孜孜不倦。她最擅长沪浙菜系的红烧烹制技艺,同时在做烘焙和面点方面也是得心应手。杨女士做西餐也是一把好手。她将东方口味融入到西式料理,匠心独运,深受各国朋友欢迎。

Born in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Ms. Yang is a graduate of the Ningbo Institute of Education.  She has been passionate about culinary arts ever since she was a child.  Her mother was a traditional Chinese housewife and a superb cook.  Helping her mother in the kitchen, Ms. Yang followed her footsteps in starting her own family and developing her cooking style.

She is renowned for braised dishes in the Shanghai and Zhejiang style.  Good at noodles and pastries, she also incorporates oriental flavors into western cuisine and received broad acclaim from fans worldwide.