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March 2nd QDF+GCC Artist Meetup Recap

March 2nd QDF+GCC Artist Meetup Recap

March 2nd QDF+GCC Artist Meetup Recap

Karesia, Founding Executive Director of Queensboro Dance Festival holding a mic and smiling. She has her hair in a ponytail and is wearing a tan, open front wrap coat over a dark mock-neck.

On this rainy Saturday morning, artists from all over Queens gathered together at Glow Cultural Center for our first-ever artist meetup. Thanks to our special guest speaker Karesia Batan, Founding Executive Director of Queensboro Dance Festival, we had an extremely informative and rewarding afternoon. The meetup started off with a round of introductions from everyone present, and a brief overview of our two organizations, Glow Cultural Center and Queensboro Dance Festival. Karesia explained in detail QDF’s 2024 summer tour, what kind of dance projects they were looking for, and what the submission process would look like for artists. 

A photo collage of 9 photos of the event; people speaking, presenting and listening. Following Karesia’s Q&A section, Glow Cultural Center’s Director of Programs, Liang Ming, stepped up to say a few words and announced the 2024 event calendar – the Lunar New Year celebration on February 11th, the “Love & Unity” concert in May, the Dragon Boat Festival on June 8th, and the Fall Festival in Kissena Corridor park on September 21st. Being a cultural center in Flushing, Glow has organized and hosted many big and small events for the diverse and multicultural groups of people in our community – and all of these events are only possible with the many talented artists contributing their time and effort to the occasion. As Liang said: 

“The artists in our community and their work continues to define who we are and what we do as a cultural center. Glow is new and still growing, but we are more than willing to share what we have with our local artists, and this artist meetup is our first step forward into becoming part of and contributing more to the Queens arts & culture scene.” 

MinWen Yang, Glow’s newest board member and staunch art program supporter, also shared her thoughts on being a creative-minded person in Queens. One of the biggest challenges of an artist living in Queens is the lack of a strong, supportive artistic network – whether it is a place to gather and meet other creatives, or a resourceful, central platform to get information from. We hope to remediate some of that problem by reaching out to other art-related organizations, groups, and individuals and filling in the gaps where we can. Hopefully, through our consolidated efforts, we will be able to see more wonderful artists living, working, and thriving in Queens soon. 

Thank you again to everyone who made it; we wish you the best on your artistic journey and hope to see you “glow” in your chosen field! 

Photo of light refreshments: La Croix sparkling water, grapes, trail mix, apples & bananas*Healthy and delicious light refreshments – a great pick-me-up after traveling in the rain! 

Mar 5, 2024| by Brooke Yeh

Photography credits: Di Geng

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