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GCC Yoga Lessons: Fostering Healthy Habits for the Mind and Body Through Exercise

GCC Yoga Lessons: Fostering Healthy Habits for the Mind and Body Through Exercise

Yoga and meditation classes held at Glow Community Center create a space where students can connect through healing and beneficial exercises

On July 25th, Glow Community Center hosted a yoga and meditation session taught by YogaLadyM, one in a series of yoga classes that are taught every Sunday. 10 students got a chance to unwind through exercises that were meant to help them relieve body pain and lose weight. Students would try out the sessions mainly out of curiosity and with some knowledge that yoga might be good for their health, but they end up leaving refreshed and content with their decision to attend the class. As the majority of the students were beginners, YogaLadyM made sure to create a curriculum that was not too strenuous on their bodies. She observed each student individually and then decided the difficulty of the overall class through what she noticed and by communicating with the class as a whole to understand their needs. Both returning students and newcomers were able to become part of a tight-knit community in an environment that allowed them to assist each other on their healing journeys. After each class, members are invited to a Wechat group about yoga to make sure that they keep in touch with each other and stay up to date with upcoming classes.


The students have had a positive experience with the classes- in fact, they want to keep coming back for more! Student Ed Lanning, who enjoys the program so much he has a membership card, praises the program: “[It] turned out to be a great day! I wish instructor Sunny was there 3 times a week! I’m really starting to loosen my back muscles”. He has also noted that he developed a better range of motion because of the lessons and doesn’t hesitate to inform the WeChat group about how often he practices yoga by himself. Practicing yoga several times a week can create a healthy routine for students and help them foster better habits for the future. In order to make sure her students are integrating yoga into their daily routine, YogaLadyM recommends online classes taught by herself or other teachers for them to follow at home. Her efforts to encourage students to practice yoga more often are not one sided– most students ask her if there are weekday classes that fit their schedules better so that they can devote more time to the activity. GCC is proud to be able to provide a space where passionate students can learn from an instructor who cares about fostering healthy habits through exercise. 

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