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Glow Community Center Cares!: Covid-19 Coronavirus Relief Fundraiser

Glow Community Center Cares!: Covid-19 Coronavirus Relief Fundraiser

Glow Community Center Cares! 啓揚活動中心的關懷!

When a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in New York strained the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by healthcare workers and first responders, the GCC community responded. By the time shelter in place plans in NY was put into effect in mid-March, our network of generous supporters and volunteers had fundraised close to $40,000 and gathered supplies such as N95 mask, KN95 masks, protective suits, boxes of gloves, surgical masks, protective masks, face shields, goggles and thermometers. Donations collected came from all over, including supporters in New York, donors from out of state and from overseas.  These were directly hand delivered to more than 30 local hospitals and clinics in Flushing, Long Island and greater New York at the epicenter of the COVID19 crisis and even coordinated distribution to 5 out of state healthcare facilities. 

We were inspired and humbled by the heroic efforts of these unsung heroes – nurses, doctors and first responders – risking their lives for the welfare of our community.  We are part of a resilient NY community, and proud and thankful for everyone who contributed to our COVID19 efforts.  Glow Community Center cares!

Special Thanks to our long term supporters such as Ken Hom and his family for helping with coordinating the shipping of PPE from oversea manufacturers and personally donating supplies from his home, WAC Lighting / Tai and Tony Wang for matching donations ($15,000), Corning Chinese Christian Church ($7,000), Shanghai Commercial Bank, Flushing Bank, Global Federation of Chinese Business Women – New York, Sandy and William Yeh, Michelle Lin, Zheng Zhao Wen, Lin Jian Feng for assisting with the direct deliveries to the hands of front line essential workers, Julie Zhu, and our supportive community members.

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Glow Community Center (GCC) is collecting funds to support the fight against Covid-19 in NYC.
All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by laws
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當紐約的新冠肺炎COVID-19病例數量激增,使醫護人員和急救人員使用的個人PPE的供應緊張時,啟揚活動中心馬上做出了回應。 到3月中旬紐約居家避疫計劃生效時,在慷慨的支持者和志願者的努力下,我們收到捐贈的PPE包括N95口罩,KN95口罩、手術口罩、一次性醫療和防護口罩、身體防護罩、手套、套頭罩、溫度計、護目鏡和面罩等等,和籌到來自各地超過$ 40,000的捐款,用以搶購更多的醫療防護設備。 這些醫療物資在COVID-19的災情重襲紐約時,由義工們親自運送給法拉盛,大紐約區和長島多家醫院第一線的lCU和急診室的醫護人員,甚至協調分發給外州的5家醫療機構。


首先要感謝我們的長期支持者: WAC Lighting ($15,000),上海商業銀行,法拉盛銀行,世界華人企業家婦女企管協會大紐約分會-葉周森娣&葉慶文夫婦(Sandy&William Yeh)和我們的社區成員。


還有值得一提的是有位遠在中國的譚興健(Ken Hom)先生看到報載啓揚活動中心募款的呼籲後,特請在美的子女安排捐贈醫療物資、還有一位住在長島的朱大姐,也是看到報載,特別捐出家裡四盒中的三盒N95口罩,真令人感動。







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Glow Community Center, Inc.

Memo: Covid-19 Relief


Glow Community Center

133-29 41st Ave. 1st Floor

Flushing, NY, 11355



Donated to

  • Columbia University Medical Center, Manhattan
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Manhattan
  • New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, Manhattan
  • Harlem Hospital Center, Manhattan
  • Mt Sinai Hospital, Manhattan
  • Mt Sinai West Hospital, Manhattan
  • Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan
  • NY Presbyterian Booth Memorial, Queens
  • Flushing Hospital Medical Center, Queens
  • Elmhurst Hospital, Queens
  • Interfaith Medical Center
  • Cypress Garden Care Center
  • Selfhelp Community Services
  • Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Queens
  • VIP Community Center, the Bronx
  • NY Presbyterian, Brooklyn
  • Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn
  • NYU Langone Hospital, Brooklyn
  • Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn
  • Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Brooklyn
  • Mount Sinai South Nassau, Oceanside
  • Nassau University Medical Center, East Meadow
  • Northwell Health, Manhasset
  • LIJ, Valley Stream
  • Town of North Hempstead, LI
  • Sands Point Police Station, LI
  • Ascension Borgess Hospital, Michigan
  • Troy Beaumont Hospital, Michigan
  • Henry Ford West Bloomfield, Michigan
  • Genesys Hospital, Michigan
  • Down River OBGYN, Michigan


Collected and delivered

  • 2400 protective suits
  • 13755 N95 Respirators
  • 24100 masks
  • 9450 pairs of gloves
  • 300 Head Coverings
  • 10 pairs of goggles
  • 5 face shields 
  • 30 thermometers


$1000 or more

  • WAC Lighting / Tai and Tony Wang
  • Corning Chinese Christian Church
  • Shanghai Commercial Bank
  • Xiaole Zheng
  • Michael Liu
  • Douglas Lee
  • Jean Chu & Paul-Ling Chu



  • Alice Chan
  • Eva Wan
  • The Shih Family
  • Leonard Schwartz
  • Tinghuan Ren
  • Mei Liu
  • Chun Tao Lin
  • Kcmour inc
  • Sandy Yeh
  • Emily Hwang
  • Poi l Ong
  • Jenny Lin
  • Yanfeng Wu
  • ShaoFung Sun
  • Alisa Li
  • Patrick Laidlaw
  • musha zee
  • Kenny Wang


Less than $200

  • Sara Chiao Tung
  • Chu-Cheng Kan
  • Qing Gui
  • Maria Lau
  • ling xu
  • Shun Li
  • Bethany Bondy
  • Stella Ng
  • Yao Tang Liu
  • Shiang-May Liang Luo
  • Waylon Chen
  • Calvin W. Chan
  • XueQin Feng Chan
  • Stay At Home Moms Inc.
  • Wylie Wong
  • Daiping Cheng
  • Meiping Zheng
  • Xia chen
  • Linna Wu


PPE Donors

  • (譚興建)
  • 朱大姐 (Julie Zhu)
  • Rich Yao
  • Jerry Lo