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May AAPI Concert 2022

GCC X So Am I-Worthy
“Love & Unity”
May AAPI Concert
Saturday, May 28th, 2022
from 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Location: Glow Cultural Center
133-29 41st Ave., 1st Floor, Flushing, NY 11355
Tel: (718) 359-1888
Email: contact@glownyc.org

Free Admission, RSVP Now!

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. In honor of this month, GCC have joined force with the amazing record label “So Am I-Worthy” to bring you a “LOVE & UNITY” benefit concert, an event that aims to shed light on diversity, equity and inclusion specifically pertaining to women, to highlight and empower all cultures and to celebrate the histories of Americans hailing from across the Asian continent and from the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia through variety of music performances.
Live performances and a great dialogue on diversity, equity and inclusion. Light refreshments will be served. Reserve your spot now. Participate in this amazing and important event!
*Special thanks to ASA College & CAFC for presenting the tea ceremony

五月是亚太裔文化月,北美各地都会举办热闹非凡的庆祝活动。启扬文化中心 Glow Cultural Center 连续第二届举办高水准的慈善音乐会,邀请不同族裔及领域的艺术家汇演,既是集中展示璀璨的多元文化传统,提供交流的平台;亦是为社区努力营造一个轻松美妙的音乐世外桃源。愉悦身心,用艺术促进不同族群之间的理解和和谐。
女性和少数族裔是2022年音乐会的主题之一。她们中有代表‘纽约精神”,广受纽约客欢迎的巴西打击乐团;有助演Off-broadway show的菲律宾传统祭祀舞蹈;有灵魂蓝调,还有吉他、钢琴、古筝、剑舞、中国空竹、双人敦煌舞等多种形式为节目增色。


About Our Performers

Opal Rose

Vocal Performance/Singer-Songwriter

Bronx born and Maryland raised, Opal Rose found her way back to NYC 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Opal’s musical influences range from R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Neo-Soul, Pop, Gospel, Jazz and more. She considers herself to be within an Alternative genre space that’s all about the vibe. Some of her favorite artists include: Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan, Janelle Monae, James Blake, Beyonce, Selena, Jay Z, & A$AP Ferg.
Her most recent release, “My Eternal” is available on all streaming platforms, visit https://opal-rose.com

Isadora Benitez

Singer – Guitarist – Producer, Isadora Benitez is a New York based vocalist-guitarist whose work shows a deep engagement in jazz inflections, sensually styled by her sassy Latin roots and her love of Brazilian music. Born into an Ecuadorian family devoted to the arts, Isadora grew up among gifted musicians, actors, and writers. Her advanced music studies let her to pursue her BA and her master’s degree in Jazz Vocal Performance.

She developed a passion for music early in her life and immersed herself in the sound of artists such as Elis Regina, Rosa Passos, Gal Costa, João Gilberto, Mercedes Sosa, Carlota Jaramillo, Sarah Vaughan, Abbey Lincoln, Stevie Wonder. She has performed over 1000 shows in South America, New York, and other cities in USA


AYAKA(Mossan) (ah-yah-kah/moh-saen) is a contemporary R&B and POP singer/songwriter from Osaka, Japan. She has had a love for music since she was three. It all started when she saw her teachers playing the piano. A couple of months later, she recalled her first piano lessons, along with her father’s collection of vinyls, as the first things that kicked off her music journey.

AYAKA(Mossan) (ah-yah-kah/moh-saen) is a contemporary R&B and POP singer/songwriter from Osaka, Japan. She has had a love for music since she was three. It all started when she saw her teachers playing the piano. A couple of months later, she recalled her first piano lessons, along with her father’s collection of vinyls, as the first things that kicked off her music journey.

Annie Nirschel

During lockdown, NY musician, Annie Nirschel, and her husband, Russ Stone, singer-pianist from Austin, TX, quickly ran out of things to talk about and formed their convoluted, theatrical pop project, “Sanderling”. They sing straight from the soul about existential angst, 90 Day Fiancé, and their diabetic cat Sully. Since forming in 2020, they’ve played all around New York and plan to release an EP at the end of this year. Sanderling is guaranteed to be the indie-pop duo of your whimsical dreams

Batalá New York

Batalá New York is the premier all-women, Black-led, percussion ensemble activating partnerships, community building, and cultural awareness through high-energy performances of Afro-Brazilian music and dance in New York City and beyond. Our music, instruments and costumes are all from Salvador da Bahia in the northeast of Brazil. For more information, follow us on Instagram @batalanewyork and visit www.batalanewyork.love!

Linda Quach

Linda Quach is a Vietnamese American Diabolo Performing Artist based in Queens, New York. She started her diabolo journey in 2016 back when she was a freshman in Bayside High School and joined the Chinese Yo-Yo Club when she saw how unique the cultural performances were, as well as how fun and diverse the community was within the club. Grasped by how invigorating and challenging the sport was, Linda wanted to take the diabolo to the next level by combining it with her love for dance and continued playing it after graduating high school. Ever since then, she plays the diabolo as a technical dance sport, teaches in diabolo workshops, and performs throughout New York. She now teaches diabolo in Flushing Glow Cultural Center since January 2022.


The T’boli (or Tiboli) are a tribal group in the Philippines.They primarily live in the South Cotabato province of Mindanao Island, which is located in the southern part of the Philippines.
The dances you will be seeing are from our theater dance troupe, Kinding Sindaw, founded by Potri Ranka Manis in 1992. Kinding Sindaw is a resident artist of LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Club founded by Ellen Stewart in the Lower East Side.

Kinding Sindaw is an NYC-based nonprofit dance theater company composed of indigenous tradition-bearers, Filipino American artists, and educators from all backgrounds founded in 1992. Kinding Sindaw exists to assert, preserve, reclaim, and re-create the traditions of dance, music, martial arts, storytelling, and orature of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao, Southern Philippines. For more information, kindly check the link: https://www.kindingsindaw.org

Lily Yang

Yang Zilian / Lily Yang-15 years old
From 2013 at the age of 7, she began to learn Chinese traditional martial arts at XinWumen Kungfu school in the United States.
From 2015 to 9 years old, she won a gold medal in fist form and silver medal in weapons at the 6th US Open International Wushu Kungfu Championship.
From 2016 at 10 years old, she won third place in the 5th World championship of Traditional Wushu in Swordsmanship.
From 2018 at 12 years old, he won the boxing and weapon championships of the 9th US Open International Wushu Kungfu Championship.
From 2021 at the age of 14, she won the gold medal in the martial arts competition of the First World Chinese Sports Games in the United States.
She has also participated in various community cultural exchange activities and film and television shoots in New York and New Jersey for many times

Angie Ngai

A tea master, art & culture expert of the tea ceremony.

As a six year old little girl, her father used to take her to the family tea mountain plantation in Fujian China where handpicked tea leaves were bakein large wood-fired woks and tossed with bare-arms and hands. This experience made a lasting impression and forged Angie’s deep love of tea. In her early teenage Angie moved to Hong Kong where she was formally education in the Chinese Tea art & Culture. She learned about the history of tea cultivation, planting, tasting , growing, harvesting, and traditional natural processing, and uses for health and well-being. Since then, her education and memories of her Fujian home of tea trees in the high mountains and scent of beautiful Jasmine flowers covering the hillsides has inspired her to share her love and understanding of the Tea culture with you.