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Community Market & Good Deeds Giveaway 1/30/2021

Community Market & Good Deeds Giveaway 1/30/2021

On Saturday, January 30th, 2021, House of Good Deeds‘ partnership with Glow Community Center, Asian Americans for Equality, and MinKwon Center for Community Action, hosted an indoor community Deeds Giveaway from 10 am – 4 pm.

Thousands of donated items that House of Good Deeds collected from altruistic New Yorkers all over, both a mix of used and new goods such as clothes, shoes, housewares, electronics, food, etc were available. The Good Deeds Giveaway was hosted in the Glow Community Center’s 1600 square feet of ballroom space. Safety precautions such as socially distancing, taking temperatures, sanitizing hands, and mask requirements were implemented.

Over 400 community members of all backgrounds came by and were able to take up to two bags of items of their choice. Community members from the Flushing area and nearby neighborhoods safely attended, with 25 people entering the space at a time. Community members who came to participate were allowed 15 mins to fill their bags and take items they needed for their homes and households. Community members who were finished with getting their things were welcomed to get back on the line multiple times.

This was an incredible undertaking with over a dozen volunteers to help sort, staging, and manage the flow of operations. Volunteers came together on Thursday and Friday before moving thousands of items into the ballroom and made sure they were categorized and organized for the event. Volunteers of all ages came together to help out.

A little about the House of Good Deeds’ (@theHouseOfGoodDeeds): HoGD is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to building community, leading by example, and improving the world through Altruism, one Good Deed at a time: everyone, everywhere, every day. They have been hosting events for over 4 years all around the New York area, serving thousands of community members by connecting those who have and those who need. Every month they organize events designed to help others: neighborhood cleanups, blood drives, making and distributing sandwiches. Check out their website: https://houseofgooddeeds.org/