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Art Exhibition 2021

GCC Art Exhibition

童心明媚 Colorful Young Mind

Anna Wang, Aria Wang, Ava Yu, Austin Xu, Albert Luan, Catherine Liu, Ella Chen, Emily Y. Wu,
Grace Feng, Grace Zhang, Linda Yue, Michael Liu, William Ling, Katelyn Zhang, Sophie Hu,
Tyler Huang, Tyler Xu, Taylor Wang, 韦博南, Yiwen Shi, Robin Yeh, Jodi Yeh

Date 展出日期: July 10th – August 10th
Open Ceremony 開幕式: July 10th, 2pm – 5pm
Location 地點: 133-29 41st Avenue, Flushing,
NY 11355 (1st FL)

Light refreshments will be served.

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民國19年出生. 於上海市私立立信會計專科學校畢業,民國39年移居台灣,供職中本紡織公司,治家之餘,從喻仲林先生習畫,藉以遣興. 既運丹青,便親翰墨,於今已數十寒暑. 定居北美以來,曾在紐約市中國新聞處文化中心台北畫廊,積臣泰公共圖書館及聖約翰大學中正藝廊參與邀請展. 盛女士謙懷游藝,罕以繪事示人,啟揚中心幸得展其精意創作,願與社區同好共欣賞之 .

Ms. Sheng Peifang (Mrs. Huang Gongquan) was born in 1930 Republic of China. After graduating from Shanghai Private Lixin Accounting School, she moved to Taiwan in 1949 to work for Nakamoto Textile Company. In addition to taking care of her family, she studied under Mr. Yu Zhonglin and has been pursuing her interests in Chinese watercolor and calligraphy for several decades. Fortunately, she became a lover of Hanmo, and now it has been over many years. Since Ms. Sheng settled in North America, she has participated in invitational exhibitions at the Queens Jackson Heights Public Library, Taipei Gallery at New York China News Service Cultural Center, and Chung-Cheng Art Gallery at St. John’s University.

Ms. Sheng is very humble with her artistic talents and rarely shows her work to the public. We at Glow Community Center are honored to host an exhibition of her finest creations for the enjoyment of our community.

时向东 Xiangdong Shi
旅美艺术家 清华美院美术学博士 艺术史研究者
PhD in Academy of Arts & Design,
Tsinghua University. 
A researcher of art history.

曾担纲北京市政府,中国科学院等多项重要场所公共艺术和壁画设计, 出版有专著《北京公共艺术研究》. 参与了中央政府赠送香港回归礼物《永远盛开紫荆花》的雕塑设计, 是第21届世界大学生运动会纪念邮票的设计者.
作品入选《93中国油画展》,《中日绘画展》,《亚洲青年艺术家提名展》, 《在美国的中国艺术家邀请展》等重要展览 .
曾任纽约国际华人艺术家邀请展策展人,于2019年在纽约第一银行画廊举办《法拉盛见-时向东作品展》曾获日本泷富士美术奖, 平山郁夫奖, 国际艺术与科学大展提名奖等重要奖项.

Dr. Shi has been responsible for the design of public art and murals in many important places such as the Beijing Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has published a monograph “Research on Beijing Public Art.”
He also participated in the sculpture design of “Bauhinia in Full Bloom” as a gift from the Central Government for the return of Hong Kong. He is the designer of the commemorative stamps for the 21st Universiade. His works have been selected for display in many important exhibitions such as “93 Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition”, “Sino-Japanese Painting Exhibition”, “Asian Young Artist Nomination Exhibition,” and “Chinese Artist in the United States Invitation Exhibition.”
Dr. Shi was a curator of the New York International Chinese Artists Invitational Exhibition. In 2019, he was a contributor to “See you at Flushing-Shi Xiangdong’s Works Exhibition” at the First Bank Gallery in New York.
Dr. Shi has won prestigious awards such as the Japanese Takifuji Art Award, the Hirayama Ikuo Award, and the Nomination Award of the International Art and Science Exhibition.



黑傘集團總裁 Black Umbrella Group,LLC-chairman
GFCBW-NY President 2019-2021

Sandy Yeh is a Taiwan-born American artist, now based in New York. She began studying art at a young age before immigrating to the United States and receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University. Sandy has almost 40 years of industry experience in the creative fields and design.
People, her surroundings and things that are dear to her are the main inspiration of Sandy’s work.

应黎灿, 建筑师

应黎灿, 建筑师, 杭州人, 浙江大学建筑学本科畢業後赴美,
曾任职于世界著名建筑事务所HOK及WATG等, 在美国东西两岸及香港, 新加坡工作生活, 並创办 Alliance Design Partners, 任创始合伙人. 现定居纽约长岛, 热爱旅游, 用画笔记录所到之处的美丽风光,

Lichan Ying, Chinese American, Architect. Ms. Ying was born and raised in Hangzhou. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Zhejiang University in China and a Master’s degree in Science from Columbia University. After graduating, Ms. Ying worked for renowned architectural firms, such as HOK and WATG, and co-founded Alliance Design Partners. She lived and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States. Now, Ms. Ying resides in Lloyd Harbor, NY. She enjoys traveling. Many of her works stem from what she sees during the journey, including architectural and natural scenes, light and shadow effects.