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2023 Lunar New Year Celebration

Savory, Festive, Auspicious, Family Reunions, and Rejuvenating
Come enjoy our 3rd Lunar New Year Celebration in Downtown Flushing!

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Lunar New Year Event Calendar

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1/21-1/28: 启扬公开课-新年特献 GCC Cultural Expo- Chinese New Year Special Edition

◉ 1/21 Draw Along with Linda & Chinese Yo-Yo Workshop by GCC
(3pm- 5:30pm): 扯铃 & 跟我画空竹 (启扬文化中心)

◉ 1/22 Chinese Nursery Rhymes by Sense International Academy
(1pm – 2:30pm): 儿歌 & 汉语声韵 (盛世国际演艺学院)

◉ 1/26 Chinese Dunhuang Dance by Dance For The People Dance Studio
(4pm – 5pm): 敦煌舞 (宛如老师舞蹈工作室)

◉ 1/28 Chinese Classical Dance by XH Music & Arts Center
(10:30pm – 12pm): 中国古典舞 (星海艺术中心)

2/4: 11am-5pm 年味节 GCC Chinese Lunar New Year Cultural Fair

◉ 11am- 12pm: Open Ceremony & Lion dance Parade from the Flushing Library to
Glow Cultural Center 开幕式&舞狮游行

◉ 11am – 2pm: Sugar Painting, Doug Figurine, Chinese Calligraphy, Arts & Crafts for Kids,
Pictures with the Fortune God, Chinese traditional snacks & New Year gift-giving!
民俗荟萃、特色小吃, 亲子互动游戏,‘全家福’拍照墙, ‘福禄寿’幸运神天团现场送红包!

‘Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit’ Live performances with Youtube Live
萌兔闹新春·少儿文艺晚会直播 3:30 pm- 5 pm:

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