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2021 Annual Fall Festival at Kissena Corridor Park

2021 Annual Fall Festival at Kissena Corridor Park

We hope to see all of you again next year, stay safe, and have a wonderful Fall.

On September 25th, at Kissena Corridor Park in Flushing, thousands of NYC residents participated in this year’s Fall Festival. Crowds gathered, with their interest gazed on the main stage, where dozens of artists and students performed a diverse set of dance, music, exercise, and cultural performances. On a bright and sunny day, paired with a bustling atmosphere for those gathered, the festivities began at noon and lasted until 4 pm. Lion and traditional Chinese dances, guzheng, diabolo (Chinese Yo-yo), Taekwondo, Yoga, Zumba were only a few of the many acts that entertained families and Flushing residents. There were three large and colorful inflatables, which were filled with fun and laughter as children bounced, ran, and slid within them with glee for the entire afternoon.  In this free event for all participants, long lines formed alongside the many activities and sponsor booths as residents excitedly waited to get a taste of the mouth-watering cotton candy, delightfully savory popcorn, and a variety of seasonal drinks, as well as the opportunity to win many prizes and promotional items. Throughout the event, about 40 high school and young adult volunteers were seen working tirelessly to provide excited event participants with a memorable day.  In addition, there were about 50 sponsors and local organizations that participated in this Fall Festival.  Many of them were invited to the main stage to talk about their organizations and to help distribute dozens of raffle prizes.   Although this festival has been offered for many years, the 2021 Fall Festival was particularly special as our community continues to recover from the effects of the devastating pandemic and the many restrictions and challenges that followed it. This fall festival reminded the community of how resilient and vibrant Flushing can be and how we are slowly returning to the normal flow of things.  We thank all the generous sponsors that made this event possible, and those involved in planning for and delivering this great and fun-filled Fall Festival to the community.  We hope to see all of you again next year, stay safe, and have a wonderful Fall.


Hosting Organization: New York City Councilman Peter Koo, Department of Parks, NYPD, Glow Foundation, and Glow Community Center

Thank you to all of our sponsors


Amy Mak Chan


Tai and Tony Wang



Foods/Drinks Sponsors

Donna Lin

Hand Sanitizer