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Seminar for College Essays with Harvard Alumna Jane Chen

On the first Saturday of March – the perfect time to start college essays – Glow Cultural Center and Eyre Writing Center held a college essay seminar discussing what to…
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Seminar with Harvard University Admissions Advisor Alex C., Saturday 7:00pm-9:30pm

How to Subvert Traditional Thinking and Cultivate Talents Sought by Ivy League Universities? Former Harvard interviewer and College Board SAT essay grader Alex C. shares his experience and exclusive tips…
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2022 Fall Festival Appreciation Party & “Glow Together” 2nd Youth Empowerment Forum

Thank you all for participating in the Fall Festival! We know some of our supporters missed out on the press conference and/or the event itself. So we’re hosting this after-party/youth…
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Youth Cultural Workshop 11am-1pm

With Chinese yo-yo performance & workshop

GCC x PSP Self-Defense Workshop 8/29/2021

Public Safety Patrol (PSP), civilian patrol group, and Glow Community Center (GCC) are hosting self-defense training. Learn practical techniques, learn to strengthen coordination, ability, balance, and reaction speed of the whole body.法拉盛民间巡逻队和启掦活动中心(GCC)联合举办中国散打和空手道自卫训练班,适合纽约市18岁以上的人仕参加。

Glow Community Center (GCC)  Art Exhibition: Pigments of Life 7/10/2021 – 8/10/2021

This  Glow Community Center (GCC) Art Exhibition celebrates diversity in arts and reflects the beautiful things people value in their lives. It includes artworks by 4 local artists and Chinese-American youth. The art exhibition will be held from 7/10/2021 through  8/10/2021 and will be free for the public.

GCC Kids Halloween Art Workshop 🎃 万圣节儿童创意画 10/30/2020 Registration

本次儿童创意绘画课活动为启扬活动中心关爱下一代系列公益活动之一。每次公开课将挑选6-8位符合年龄段的孩子进入zoom房间免费体验。被选中后,请家长根据邮件提示最后确认是否能够参加,否则将视为自动放弃机会,留给其他候选者。回复确认后仍无故缺席者,将有可能上“黑名单”哦~主要是想照顾到更多的孩子,谢谢大家的理解和配合! Parents get ready for another session of Halloween Arts fun with our teaching artist as we do some storytelling, learning creative drawing from our cute and experienced art teacher,…
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GCC Kids Halloween Art Workshop 🎃 万圣节儿童创意画

Dear parents: Your kids’ most long-awaited Halloween is around the corner. Got any plans? We understand that going out for trick and treat or any traditional Halloween gatherings would be a potential risk to your family. But no one wants to let the kids down. That’s why Glow Community Center (GCC) has designed an innovative and unique Halloween-themed event. Halloween vs traditional Chinese Ghost Festival 中元节 storytelling, learning creative drawing from the cute and experienced art teacher, and many more! No charge and no worries. You don’t need to stay with kids while they’re learning online. What’s more, is that there will be a drawing contest with a small prize as encouragement. Please see the details in the article, you’re welcome to sign up ~