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Wellness Dance Class at Glow Community Center 8/20/21

Glow Community Center (GCC) is hosting a Wellness Dance Class. All levels are welcomed! Improve your health through dance. Dancing improves heart and lung health, helps with weight management, develops stronger bones and reduced injuries. This is one workout where you will not be looking at the clock wondering how much longer before it’s over. A good music playlist and dynamic moves to get you motivated. First class is free!

GCC Webinar 2021 Chinese Astrology Outlook

Presentation in Mandarin


Join us on Feb 25!

GCC Webinar: Medicare Facts and Myths 紅藍卡醫療保險的事實與謎思

Presentation in Mandarin

What is Medicare? How/when to apply? New immigrants are eligible?
什麼是紅藍卡醫療保險?何時及如何申請? 新移民也可申請嗎?
4 Parts of Medicare A/B/C/D
Medicare AEO/IEP/OEP
紅藍卡的公開期/ 特殊公開期
How to optimize your Medicare coverage while minimizing your cost

GCC Webinar: Long Term Care 主題 長期護理 3/1 7-8pm

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Four Important Things to Consider About Long-Term Care (LTC)
1)Medicare coverage.
2)What is long-term care?
3)Does Medicare cover long-term care?
4) How to plan for long term care?

1. 聯邦醫療保險(紅藍卡)涵蓋範圍
2. 何謂長期護理?
3. 聯邦醫療保險包括長期護理?
4. 如何為長期護理做規劃?

GCC Webinar: Fengshui 啓揚网络研讨会: 风水布局

Presentation in Mandarin

What is the essence of Fengshui? Learn Numerology and Fengshui.
Be your own fortune teller and help you to make good decisions.
学习命理风水, 做自己的算命师, 在抉择时多一分笃定