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Tag: Long Term Care

GCC Webinar: Long Term Care 長期護理 3/1 7-8pm Wrap Up

This Long Term Care 長期護理 webinar shared an introduction to Long Term Care and the common questions such as things to consider about Long Term Care, How Medicare coverage works,…
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GCC Webinar: Long Term Care 主題 長期護理 3/1 7-8pm

Presentation in Mandarin

Four Important Things to Consider About Long-Term Care (LTC)
1)Medicare coverage.
2)What is long-term care?
3)Does Medicare cover long-term care?
4) How to plan for long term care?

1. 聯邦醫療保險(紅藍卡)涵蓋範圍
2. 何謂長期護理?
3. 聯邦醫療保險包括長期護理?
4. 如何為長期護理做規劃?