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啓揚研讨会: 人生风险与财富传承规划 (普通话)

未雨绸缪,提早做好人生规划,让您辛苦积累的资产如愿延续,让自己和家人无惧于未来. Be prepared for the unexpected. Learn how to plan for life’s eventualities and pass on your wealth and legacy. 3/16/2022 (Wednesday) at 7:00PM (EST) 美东时间 现场讲座地点: Seminar address: Glow…
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GCC Webinar: Medicare Facts and Myths 紅藍卡醫療保險的事實與謎思

Presentation in Mandarin

What is Medicare? How/when to apply? New immigrants are eligible?
什麼是紅藍卡醫療保險?何時及如何申請? 新移民也可申請嗎?
4 Parts of Medicare A/B/C/D
Medicare AEO/IEP/OEP
紅藍卡的公開期/ 特殊公開期
How to optimize your Medicare coverage while minimizing your cost

GCC Webinar: Long Term Care 主題 長期護理 3/1 7-8pm

Presentation in Mandarin

Four Important Things to Consider About Long-Term Care (LTC)
1)Medicare coverage.
2)What is long-term care?
3)Does Medicare cover long-term care?
4) How to plan for long term care?

1. 聯邦醫療保險(紅藍卡)涵蓋範圍
2. 何謂長期護理?
3. 聯邦醫療保險包括長期護理?
4. 如何為長期護理做規劃?

GCC Webinar: Landlords and Tenants’ Rights/Obligations During COVID-19 Pandemic 2/1/21

Landlords and Tenants’ Rights/ Obligations During COVID-19 Pandemic
啓揚活動中心工作坊: 遗产规划

Hosted in Mandarin

Speakers: April Wei, Esq. – Tang & Associates
Max Zhang J.D. – Tang & Associates
講師:April 魏律師: 紐約湯學武律師事務所
Max 張: 法學博士,紐約湯學武律師事務所

Date: February 01, 2021 (Monday)
日期:  2020年02月01日(星期一)
Time: 7:00PM
时间: 晚上7 时

Sponsored by:
New York Shandong Association, Inc.
Confucius Foundation, Inc.
Glow Foundation, Inc.
Glow Community Center, Inc.