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Seminar for College Essays with Harvard Alumna Jane Chen

Seminar for College Essays with Harvard Alumna Jane Chen

On the first Saturday of March – the perfect time to start college essays – Glow Cultural Center and Eyre Writing Center held a college essay seminar discussing what to expect while writing the multiple required college essays. This was the first, but most definitely not the last, time GCC has organized a college essay workshop in hopes of improving the writing skills of the community, while boosting the chances of our youth entering an Ivy League school. We have great hopes for those who are applying for colleges and encourage people from all over to attend and benefit from this opportunity. 

Eyre Writing Center was founded by Jane, a Harvard University graduate and alumni. She partners and works with many other Ivy League graduates to assist not only college applicants, but also young kids and adults with ages ranging from as young as 8 to 50+. EWC believes in the power of communication and starting early so they encourage learning the fundamentals of writing at a young age – “it is never to early to start.” They offer a variety of classes and programs ranging from debates to writing competitions. To find more information about Eyre Writing Center, please visit https://www.eyrewritingcenter.com/

Although it was a short one hour seminar, our participants were able to interact and receive feedback from the founder of EWC, Jane Chen, herself. Feedback from our participants proved that they acquired a deeper understanding of what is expected of them when they submit and apply for colleges. Jane offered a lot of helpful suggestions, such as the structure and appeals necessary to attract the attention of the reader. Breaking down the statistics necessary in the process of the evaluations of essays, she warned applicants to be wary of the written content the writer wants to convey and the writing style implemented. Obtaining a tremendously informational workshop with Jane, the CEO of Eyre Writing Center, our participants have gained value and perception as to how they should write a college essay.

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