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Mother’s Day Chinese Speech Competition “母亲节”中文演讲比赛

Mother’s Day Chinese Speech Competition “母亲节”中文演讲比赛

To celebrate Mother’s Day and promote Chinese culture, on May 8th, the Chinese Radio Network (WCBS FM101.1 SCA, WGBB AM1240) hosted a “Mother’s Day” Chinese Speech Competition in Flushing, where up to a hundred participants attended and made a speech in Chinese to express their love for their moms. Glow Community Center was one of the judges for the competition.

Josephine Chain, Director of NY Chinese Radio said, “Mother’s Day” Chinese Speech Competition has entered its 25th anniversary and still keeps its original theme, which is to showcase the Chinese language skills by participants from different backgrounds and help them cultivate the passion for Chinese culture. They are honored this year to have Glow Community bring many talented participants who present deep love for the Chinese language.

Liang Ming, Director of Programs of Glow Community Center said, Glow Community was so honored to participate in this competition as promoting Chinese culture has always been the mission of the center. Over the years, the center has organized different series of events to cultivate the interest towards Chinese culture such as Lunar New Year Cultural Street Fair, Lunar New Year Gala, Chinese Cultural Weekend, and the weekly New York Chinese Chorus. She urged young people to join Glow Community Center to learn more about this spectacular ancient culture.

“Glow Community Center is in great need of volunteers. We will provide ample opportunities for the volunteers to immerse in the Chinese culture and learn language skills. It is also a great way to serve the communities. For those who are interested, please send the resumes to contact@glownyc.org to inquire,” Liang said.

To learn more about the Chinese Speech Competition, please visit Chinese Radio Network website, or download the app “听见纽约”



启扬中心的项目主任明亮在现场表示,此次活动推广了年轻人对中文的热忱,而启扬中心的宗旨即是传扬中华文化;围绕中华文化主题的经典活动主要有农历新年年货节Lunar New Year Cultural Street Fair、春节晚会Lunar New Year Gala、中国文化体验营Chinese Cultural Weekend,以及每周固定排练的中国民歌艺术合唱团(New York Chinese Chorus)等。她呼吁对中国文化感兴趣的朋友们加入启扬中心的大家庭,学习更多的中华文化传统精髓。