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Chinese Martial Art & Culture (zoom lecture series)

Chinese Martial Art & Culture (zoom lecture series)

Chinese Martial Art & Culture (Zoom lecture series, in Mandarin Chinese)
东方武学文化 (系列讲座)

Zen & Dao of Kung Fu

GCC introduces “Chinese Martial Art culture” for audiences ages ten years or older. 
How to cultivate Kung Fu for mind, body, and spirit. A cultural presentation of the history and the evolution of a traditional Chinese Art, Kung Fu.



We are sad to say this session has been canceled, we’ll keep you posted for our next one. And if you liked the first lecture, please consider taking out the survey!

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There may be a chance that participant capacity may be limited, however, we are streaming live on Youtube if we’re not able to host you. It’s just as good without the ability to interact and engage with the artist.

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