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Heluo Nominology Feng Shui Course – 紐約易經河洛姓名學看流年吉凶速成班

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Hosted in Mandarin

Sundays 10:30am – 12pm – 2/6, 2/13, 2/20

To sign up call: 347-556-5598 or 646-322-2932


Glow Community Center
133-29 41st Avenue (1st Floor)
Flushing, NY 11355

Speaker 主讲人: Yu Huang 黄妤老师

纽约易经命理风水讲师, 侨声电台"经营人生"主持人

Lecturer of I Ching, Numerology, and Fengshui based in New York. She also hosts the live radio show, “Managing Your Life” on ICN Chinese American Voice.



When a person is born, the parents feel the breath of Heaven and Earth and it gives us the same name as their eight-character magnetic field, long before we can speak or write! This produces the so-called spirit power, the magnetic field spirit power, which accompanies an individual with their name for a lifetime! Heluo nominology is the application of the Wu Xing theory and the nine-house mathematical theory of Luoshu, the name of the pen divided into five grid days. This gives indications on an individual’s finances, marriage, finances, relationships, life energy, and life’s opportunities! Therefore, the study of nominology can help one to understand their own personal personality, characteristics, and the challenges and opportunities in the year. This can help individuals’ decide their own fate and choose their own paths through their journey!