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GCC Simple Cooking w/ Sharon Chee

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Whether your cooking at home or other place, cooking provides many practical experiences with many essential skills as such as reading, following directions, and measuring. Not to mention the pride you can embrace as you create masterpieces you will appreciate as you enjoy it either yourself or with loved ones. Cooking provide a tremendous amount of valuable confidence-boosting, and also the ritual of cooking itself under the right circumstances can often be said to be incredible stress relieving and therapeutic.

Join us as we take students exploring new healthy recipes that you can make at home with simple instructions and exciting ingredients.

不论您在家中或其他地方烹饪,烹饪都可以提供许多实践经验以及许多基本技能,例如阅读,遵循指示和测量。更不用说您在创作杰作时可以拥抱的自豪感,无论您自己或与亲人一起欣赏杰作,您都会欣赏。烹饪提供了大量宝贵的信心,而且在正确的情况下烹饪本身的习惯通常可以说是令人难以置信的缓解压力和治疗作用。 加入我们,带领学生探索简单的说明和令人兴奋的食材,即可在家中自制新的健康食谱。


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If you have never learned how to make food before then you should join Sharon to learn how to make simple and healthy foods! No prior experience is needed all you have to do is prepare all the ingredients needed for the dish and follow along Sharon’s live stream!

Additionally all the food that is made is vegan, so all students who want to learn new healthy recipes remember to join Sharon on Wednesdays from 2:30pm to 3:30pm!