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GCC Simple Cooking – “Oven Baked Beef Short Ribs with Red Wine 紅酒烤牛仔骨”

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Super Easy Christmas Menu, Red Wine with Beef Short Ribs. Perfect for your holiday gatherings whether online or safely together, learn quick and healthy, nutritional tips for your holiday cooking.




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Join us as we take students exploring new healthy recipes that you can make at home with simple instructions and exciting ingredients.

When: Wednesday, December 16, 2020 2:30 PM


Time: 2:30 PM EST


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牛仔骨要大塊,要先處理過,處理的時候先加冰水, 然後倒料酒、花椒顆粒、蔥、生薑切片,水蓋住牛仔骨,泡兩個小時,在一個小時的時候,要把血水倒掉,重新泡的時候只要清水就好了。泡了兩小時以後, 拿出來晾乾。

When grocery shopping, choose the thick short ribs if possible. Trim the excess fat, wash the meat, and put in a bucket of ice water with cooking wine, Chinese chili pepper, scallions and sliced ginger.   The water need to cover ribs and soak for two hours.  At the one hour mark, empty the dirty water and refill with fresh water.  Continue soaking for another hour, then take the ribs out and pat them dry.



The main ingredient in the dish is beef short ribs.

The rest are:

Shallots (whole, no cutting needed), All purpose flour , Rosemary, Thyme, Red wine, Beef  stock (Any other stock will do if no beef available), Light soy sauce (any brand is fine), Olive Oil (I use avocado oil here – though be sure to use an oil that can withstand high heat), Tomato paste 



After drying the ribs, the first step is to “Fry” them. 

We recommend using a cast iron skillet for this step as they will be moved to the oven later. Otherwise, Corningware with a glass lid or any other oven/stove top proof pan is fine too. 


Heat the oil in the pan, and coat the ribs with flour on both sides to make the ribs tender and avoid the oil splashing when adding them to the hot pan.


After all the ribs have been coated, shake off the excess flour, add a bit more oil, and turn the heat to medium high to fry the ribs.


Any flour will work for coating (bread, all purpose, cake) but definitely no starch (potato, rice, etc), since starches will make the food stick to the pan.


One trick when cooking meats (no matter if it’s pork/beef rib/steak) always soak them first in a combination of ice water, cooking wine, Chinese chili, scallion and ginger to drain the blood out from the meats to make meat more tender。



Fry the coated ribs until the golden brown on both sides. Turn the fire to low.  Put the cooked ribs in a separate container.  Fry all the shallots in this low heat until fragrant.  (No need to cut any of the shallots because they will be baked for 2 hours later)


Slice the ginger into large pieces and add them to the pot with the shallots.


Add the scallions to the pan and sauté until fragrant.


Add the tomato paste (not Ketchup as that will make it too watery).  Be sure to keep the heat low to avoid anything sticking to the pan.




Add white pepper (according to your taste), then also black pepper (can be more because it is not spicy).

White pepper can have a spicy taste but it can improve the total taste.


When the mixture is well blended, increase the heat to medium-high, and add the light soy sauce.  You may have noticed that we haven’t used any salt thus far because the tomato paste itself contains salt already.

改成大火炒,加入紅酒,(為什麼要大火,因為紅酒下去會把香氣逼出來,半瓶紅酒差不多)。 紅酒是甜的,所以也不需要加糖,就可以聞到很香的香味。

Turn the heat to high and add half the bottle of red wine (the high temperature will bring out the aroma of the wine).  Since the red wine has a sweetness to it, there is no need to add any sugar.


When the mixture is bubbling, add the ribs back into the mixture.  Stir well to make sure all the ribs are coated.


Finally, pour in the beef stock (any flavor will do if no beef stock at home), making sure it covers all the ribs.


Preheat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit.  When the mixture is boiling, add the thyme and rosemary, and bring to a boil again.  Turn off the heat, cover with a lid, put the pot in the oven and bake for two hours.


After two hours, the ribs will be baked with a beautiful color and a delicious aroma that will fill your kitchen.



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