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GCC Simple Cooking: 炸醬麵 – Zhajiangmian. (Noodles in Chinese meat sauce) & 豆沙麵包 Red Bean Bao

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Cooking can provide many practical skills, such as reading, following directions, and measuring.  The pride and confidence that comes with mastering the finished product after cooking is even more meaningful.  The art of cooking can often be found as therapeutic for many.



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Chef Yang shows us how to make traditional Chinese dish 炸醬麵 Zhajiangmian. Noodles in Chinese meat sauce. Noodles topped with zhajiang sauce. Zhajiang also means “fried sauce” in Chinese.


搅碎肉 2bl
料酒 2Tsp
白胡椒粉 1/4Tsp
甜面酱 1Tbsp
Yes黄豆酱 1Tsp
蠔油 1Tsp
红油豆瓣酱 1Tsp
橄榄油 1Tbsp
洋葱 2只
黄瓜 1条
香菜 4根
鸡汤 1 1/2cup
白糖 1/4Tsp
醋 1Tsp
葱姜花椒水 1Tbsp


Fried meat sauce ingredients list
(suitable for Zhajiangmian, fried meat sauce noodles)

Minced meat 2bl
Cooking wine 2 Tsp
White pepper 1/4Tsp
Sweet pasta sauce 1Tbsp
Yes soybean paste 1Tsp
Oyster sauce 1Tsp
Red oil bean paste 1Tsp
Soy sauce 1/2Tsp
Chicken soup 1 1/2cup
Sesame oil 1/2Tsp
Olive oil 1Tbsp
Onion 2
Cucumber 1
Chinese Parsley 4
Sugar 1/4Tsp
Vinegar 1Tsp
Scallion Ginger Pepper water 1Tbsp

豆沙麵包 Red Bean Bao


普通麵粉 500g
白糖 50g
牛奶 300g
發粉 1/4Tsp
泡打粉 1/2Tsp
雞蛋 2个
芝麻 1/2Tsp
豆沙 一罐



2 1/4 cups All purpose flour
1/2 cups Sugar
1 1/4 cups Milk
1/4 tsp Yeast
1/2 tsp Baking powder
2 Eggs
1/2 tsp Roasted Sesames
1 can Red bean paste
0.04 cups  Luke warm water