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Category: Community

Tao in Life: Chinese Philosophy 道與生活

  Three teachings are the \”three main pillars\” and basic connotations of Chinese traditional culture. From mutual respect to mutual opposition and struggle, to mutual reference and absorption, to mutual…
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NYC HS Admissions Seminar(s)

It’s not surprising to see that navigating applications to middle school and high school requires knowledge and understanding of the public school landscape and their admissions processes. Students placement requires…
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Self Defense Workshop

Youth participating in a self defense workshop where participants get to understand the concepts and fundamentals of martial arts applications in situations requiring self defense. Youth participants learn strikes, movements,…
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Summer & Winter Music Festival(s) Wrap Up

Summer & Winter Music Festival(s)   Glow Community Center hosts a seasonal Music Festival in the Summer and the Winter, where we share a night of music to promote and…
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Valentines Day Social Night Visual Wrap Up

Valentines Day Social Night Volunteers at the Glow Community Center held a Valentines Day Social Night to bring young professionals together. We were doing this for young professionals with the…
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Monsterball (Community Halloween Event) Visual Wrap Up

Monsterball (Community Halloween Event) GCC Youth Volunteers worked tirelessly to plan and execute a community Halloween event called Monsterball where families can come celebrate together. A night of safe, fun…
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Glow Community Center Volunteers Learn Life Saving Skills

Holidays are times to get together and have fun, and that’s what we’re doing here at the Glow Community Center as 15 volunteers got together to learn Hands-On CPR instructed…
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GCC Volunteers finding meaningful ways to contribute

Many folks decide to celebrate Thanksgiving and the coming of the winter holidays by serving together with their family and friends. Here at Glow Community Center, our volunteers are busy…
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Chinese Family Forum at the Glow Community Center, Flushing, Sunday 11/17/2019 Visual Wrap up

The Chinese Family Forum held at the Glow Community Center Sunday afternoon 11/17/2019 from 12:30 – 4pm welcomed over 80 community families with resources. Special speakers included District 25 Superintendent…
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