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Category: Arts and Culture

Summer Writing – Oyster Mystery by Katherine Ni

Have you wondered what happened after the English found piles of oyster beds on the east coast of New York? Have you wondered how the New York Culture would be…
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Summer Writing – 7 things to do to pass time during Quarantine by Nancy Jiang

Since the start of the current pandemics you’ve probably been stuck at home, whether because you’re in quarantine, working or studying from home, or just the fear of crowds and…
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Summer Writing – Learning to Love Quarantine by Cynthia Chang

It’s easy to get tired of everyday things when you can’t do anything else to distract you. Looking at the same white wall with pencil marks, wearing the same clothes…
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Simple Cooking w/ Sharon Chee: Rawnola with Homemade Almond Milk

Wednesdays 2:30pm EST on Zoom Register Here!   If you have never learned how to make food before then you should join Sharon to learn how to make simple and…
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New York Chinese Chorus (NYCC)

紐約中國民歌藝術合唱團 New York Chinese Chorus (NYCC) 133-29 41 Ave. 1st Floor, Flushing, NY 11355 Email: nychinesechorus@yahoo.com Tel: (718) 359-1888   紐約中國民歌藝術合唱團成立於2009年10月, 由紐約市議員顧雅明先生贊助,團長為甘台甯女士,十四年的合唱團歷史,以经典中國民歌為主,師承名師吳國鈞教授,多場精湛演出,在紐約合唱界頗具盛名,現任指揮郭爽老師。現任聲樂指導向子文老師。 New York Chinese Chorus (NYCC) was founded in…
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GCC Simple Cooking: Purple Cabbage Salad and Bitter Melon Salad

Whether your cooking at home or other place, cooking provides many practical experiences with many essential skills as such as reading, following directions, and measuring. Not to mention the pride…
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Summer Writing – Buried Treasure by Cynthia Chang

Buried Treasure “No, Cynthia, look! We have to go through the Old Empty Log and then we can go on the Plank Bridge,” Sofia exclaimed as she aggressively pointed at…
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GCC International Latin Dance w/ Dariusz Horvath Krol

Friends, We want to wish everyone happy holidays as we finish our current season of International Latin Dance on Zoom with Dariusz. We also want to thank you all for…
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GCC Feng Shui – 居家風水

Wednesday at 2:30pm EST Register Here Make a Donations the Program 与黄大师一起放大。 无论您是想在我们的自然环境中实现平衡,促进和谐还是获得幸福感和光彩,风水同盟都会翻译成“风与水”,了解如何在阴阳之间寻求平衡的原理指导(暗光能量)尽管不断变化。风水还通常用于处理特定领域,例如健康,财富,职业和人际关系。 我们物理空间中的每个对象都有一个理想的位置,例如家具,工作工具,甚至是垃圾桶。加入我们,我们将根据长期的生活从业者黄大师的建议,帮助您设计和创造和谐。   Live with Master Huang on zoom. Whether you are trying to achieve balance in our…
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Summer Creative Art and Writing Contest

Unfortunately, the Summer Writing Contest has ended. Enrollment Application   Step 1: Fill out the application   Step 2: Click this link to LIKE Glow Community Center   Disclaimer: Glow…
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