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Category: Arts and Culture

GCC Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony 啓揚藝術家聯合藝展 7/10/2021 2pm

It is the 1st art exhibition, where GCC hosts 4 artists’ & Chinese American kids’ paintings exhibition from July 10 to August 10, 2021 GCC Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony 𣾀生繪色…
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母親節溫馨花藝活動 Mother’s Day Special Event – Floral Arrangement

以花為媒,承花之意 Love in May 蔚藍海景,優雅下午茶,浪漫放鬆的氛圍 Elegant afternoon tea time with ocean views, and relaxing atmosphere. 收益將用於支持 GCC 創建更多活動,讓社區變得更加美好 Proceeds will support the Glow Community Center as we enrich community life…
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Line Dance – GCC Workshop (In Mandarin Chinese)

GCC Workshop Presents: LINE DANCE 排舞 Dancing to the rhythm of a healthy life 讓我們一起隨著輕快的音樂,啓動韻律,健康飛揚!   Instructor: Amy Chiang  蔣汝佳 Time: 2:30-3:30pm EST Meeting ID: 819-3933-1331 Join Here Dance Songs 1.…
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GCC Flower Arrangement Workshops Online! 休閒插花課 (In Mandarin Chinese)

  GCC Workshop Presents: Flower Arrangement 休閒插花 花藝課 Upcoming May 8, 2021 (Wed)    | 2021年5月8日(星期六) Our flower arrangement class is fun and it will spark your creativity.  Instructor Karen…
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GCC Kids Halloween Art Workshop 🎃 万圣节儿童创意画 10/30/2020 Registration

本次儿童创意绘画课活动为启扬活动中心关爱下一代系列公益活动之一。每次公开课将挑选6-8位符合年龄段的孩子进入zoom房间免费体验。被选中后,请家长根据邮件提示最后确认是否能够参加,否则将视为自动放弃机会,留给其他候选者。回复确认后仍无故缺席者,将有可能上“黑名单”哦~主要是想照顾到更多的孩子,谢谢大家的理解和配合! Parents get ready for another session of Halloween Arts fun with our teaching artist as we do some storytelling, learning creative drawing from our cute and experienced art teacher,…
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Chinese Martial Art & Culture (zoom lecture series)

Chinese Martial Art & Culture (Zoom lecture series, in Mandarin Chinese) 东方武学文化 (系列讲座) Zen & Dao of Kung Fu 文武之道,动静之别 GCC introduces “Chinese Martial Art culture” for audiences ages ten…
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GCC Kids Halloween Art Workshop 🎃 万圣节儿童创意画 Registration

Register here Register here Dear parents: Your kids’ most long-awaited Halloween is around the corner. Got any plans? We understand that going out for trick and treat or any traditional…
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Summer Writing – Connections Through Quarantine by Cynthia Chang

It can be debated that quarantine either made people grow closer or more distant with the ones they see every day. After I graduated middle school, I lost touch with…
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Summer Writing – Top 5 Lunch Break Foods by Jordan Yim

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to intern in Flushing, NY working at the Glow Community Center. It was quickly evident after a few days at work where I’ve learned…
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Summer Writing – Oyster Mystery by Katherine Ni

Have you wondered what happened after the English found piles of oyster beds on the east coast of New York? Have you wondered how the New York Culture would be…
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