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GCC Webinar: Long Term Care 主題 長期護理 3/1 7-8pm


Presentation in Mandarin

Four Important Things to Consider About Long-Term Care (LTC)
1)Medicare coverage.
2)What is long-term care?
3)Does Medicare cover long-term care?
4) How to plan for long term care?

1. 聯邦醫療保險(紅藍卡)涵蓋範圍
2. 何謂長期護理?
3. 聯邦醫療保險包括長期護理?
4. 如何為長期護理做規劃?

GCC Webinar: Medicare Facts and Myths 紅藍卡醫療保險的事實與謎思


Presentation in Mandarin

What is Medicare? How/when to apply? New immigrants are eligible?
什麼是紅藍卡醫療保險?何時及如何申請? 新移民也可申請嗎?
4 Parts of Medicare A/B/C/D
Medicare AEO/IEP/OEP
紅藍卡的公開期/ 特殊公開期
How to optimize your Medicare coverage while minimizing your cost

GCC Simple Cooking (In Mandarin)

Join us as Chef Yang shares simple yet delicious dishes that you and your family can enjoy. Let Chef Yang motivate you to explore new flavors, stimulate your senses, and try new ingredients while preparing healthy homemade meals that will boost your confidence and bring you joy.  

敬邀參加GCC 啓揚活動中心的"簡易烹飪”課程,楊寶芝女士將會示範簡單而美味的家常菜餚。 讓我們和chef Yangㄧ起來嚐試不同的食材和烹飪方式。讓您和家人能快樂地在家共享健康而多樣的美食。

啓揚网络研讨会: 遗产规划 GCC Virtual Seminar: Estate Planning 4/22 7:30pm


主题: 医疗补助保护信托
Topic: Medicaid Protection Trust
Date: 4/22/2021 (Thursday) Time: 7:30PM (EST) 美东时间
普通话讲座 Presented in Mandarin
啓揚基金會贊助 Sponsored by Glow Foundation
讲师: 冉燕飛律師
冉女士毕业于北京大学和美国复旦大学法学院, 拥有纽
约州律师执照. 是美国遗产规划律师学院成员, 也是纽
约州律师协会遗产规划和信托委员会, 纽约州律师协会

Free Self Defense Workshop

Glow Community Center 133-29 41st Ave., 1st Floor, Flushing, NY

The only techniques you need to get home safely.

Suggested donation $5

June 13, 2021 | 10 AM - 12 PM
Glow Community Center
133-29 41st Ave, 1st Fl., Flushing, NY 11355

Learn practical techniques that are fast, easy and accurate.

Glow Community Center (GCC) Yoga & Meditation Class 7/11/2021

Glow Community Center 133-29 41st Ave., 1st Floor, Flushing, NY

Glow Community Center (GCC) hosting Yoga & Meditation Classes

Join us and learn to use your body, breath, and mind to release stress and fight anxiety. Practicing yoga and meditating daily can calm your nerves and soothe your mind and help you sleep. Develop your physical strength, build confidence and a resilient body through our Yoga class.

Classes require membership sign-up. Bring your own mat, and we close admission 5 minutes after the start time. Please be sure to arrive early and secure a good spot. Comfortable clothing required.

GCC Chinese Cultural Weekend 8/27/2021 – 8/29/2021

Glow Community Center 133-29 41st Ave., 1st Floor, Flushing, NY

GCC Summer Program: Chinese Cultural Weekend Sign your child up for Glow Community Center’s first-ever Chinese Cultural Weekend. We present them with the opportunity to learn performance arts such as lion dancing, diabolo, and guzheng from our talented artists. This will be a unique cultural learning experience your child won’t forget! No prior experience is…
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