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GCC Simple Cooking (In Mandarin)

Join us as Chef Yang shares simple yet delicious dishes that you and your family can enjoy. Let Chef Yang motivate you to explore new flavors, stimulate your senses, and try new ingredients while preparing healthy homemade meals that will boost your confidence and bring you joy.  

敬邀參加GCC 啓揚活動中心的"簡易烹飪”課程,楊寶芝女士將會示範簡單而美味的家常菜餚。 讓我們和chef Yangㄧ起來嚐試不同的食材和烹飪方式。讓您和家人能快樂地在家共享健康而多樣的美食。

啓揚网络研讨会:住房相关的移民权利和资源 Fair Housing Panel and Resources 5/13 5:30pm

This workshop provides information about protected classes in housing, emphasizing protections against discrimination based on lawful source of income and disabilities. It also covers unlawful, discriminatory lending practices and how the human rights law can protect against tenant harassment. This workshop also offers a brief introduction of the law and addresses in detail protections for persons with disabilities; terms and definitions, such as reasonable accommodations and undue hardship; and, accessibility issues.

Line Dance – GCC Workshop (In Mandarin Chinese)

Please join us to dance to the rhythm of a healthy life! 讓我們一起隨著輕快的音樂,啓動韻律,健康飛揚!

母親節溫馨花藝活動 Mother’s Day Special Event – Floral Arrangement

Join us for an elegant afternoon tea time with ocean views, and relaxing atmosphere, a Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement Special Event. Proceeds will support the Glow Community Center as we enrich community life through educational, cultural and social programs.
以花為媒,承花之意 Love in May
收益將用於支持 GCC 創建更多活動,讓社區變得更加美好

GCC Family STEM Parents as Learning Partners – First Workshop!

Empowering parents as learning partners means more blended and personalized learning to expand on families’ capacities to support children at home and school. We launched our first-ever Family STEM Parents…
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GCC Webinar: Long Term Care 長期護理 3/1 7-8pm Wrap Up

This Long Term Care 長期護理 webinar shared an introduction to Long Term Care and the common questions such as things to consider about Long Term Care, How Medicare coverage works,…
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House of Good Deeds’ partnership with Glow Community Center, Asian Americans for Equality, and MinKwon Center for Community Action, hosted an indoor community Deeds Giveaway

On Saturday, January 30th, 2021, House of Good Deeds’ partnership with Glow Community Center, Asian Americans for Equality, and MinKwon Center for Community Action, hosted an indoor community Deeds Giveaway…
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啓揚网络研讨会: 遗产规划 GCC Virtual Seminar: Estate Planning 4/22 7:30pm

主题: 医疗补助保护信托
Topic: Medicaid Protection Trust
Date: 4/22/2021 (Thursday) Time: 7:30PM (EST) 美东时间
普通话讲座 Presented in Mandarin
啓揚基金會贊助 Sponsored by Glow Foundation
讲师: 冉燕飛律師
冉女士毕业于北京大学和美国复旦大学法学院, 拥有纽
约州律师执照. 是美国遗产规划律师学院成员, 也是纽
约州律师协会遗产规划和信托委员会, 纽约州律师协会

啓揚网络研讨会: 增强免疫功能的营养须知 Boosting your immune system with a healthy diet 4/19/2021

• 慢性疾病与免疫功能的关系 • 如何増强免疫功能 • 饮食与免疫力的关系
Dr. Hsiao Liang Pai
白小良博士目前任教於紐約市立社區大學, 曾任康乃爾大學社區營養教育專案專員及 台灣馬偕醫院臨床營養師。於紐約哥倫比 亞大學相繼獲得人類營養學碩士、公共衞 生碩士,及營養教育博士學位。 作為權威的營養專家,白博士曾在 美國及台灣等各地受邀主講講座數 百場,向大眾普及正確的營養保健 知識。她潛心研究,有文獻發表 及9本著作,近年出版有 《你吃進的是營養還是負擔》, 《別讓錯誤的營養觀害了你》等

Presented in Mandarin

GCC Flower Arrangement Workshops Online! 休閒插花課 (In Mandarin Chinese)

Live with Karen Lee on zoom. Flower arrangement is fun and you can use your imagination to create limitless variations. Instructor Karen Lee will show us the different elements of style and design, and how to use readily available material from your own backyard to create your own masterpieces.
花藝老師Karen Lee將為我們展示如何使用垂手可得的素材,插出不同風格的作品。