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Events at Glow Cultural Center

GCC International Latin Dance w/ Dariusz Horvath Krol

Friends, We want to wish everyone happy holidays as we finish our current season of International Latin Dance on Zoom with Dariusz. We also want to thank you all for…
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GCC Feng Shui – 居家風水

Wednesday at 2:30pm EST Register Here Make a Donations the Program 与黄大师一起放大。 无论您是想在我们的自然环境中实现平衡,促进和谐还是获得幸福感和光彩,风水同盟都会翻译成“风与水”,了解如何在阴阳之间寻求平衡的原理指导(暗光能量)尽管不断变化。风水还通常用于处理特定领域,例如健康,财富,职业和人际关系。 我们物理空间中的每个对象都有一个理想的位置,例如家具,工作工具,甚至是垃圾桶。加入我们,我们将根据长期的生活从业者黄大师的建议,帮助您设计和创造和谐。   Live with Master Huang on zoom. Whether you are trying to achieve balance in our…
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Glow Community Center Cares!: Covid-19 Coronavirus Relief Fundraiser

Glow Community Center Cares! 啓揚活動中心的關懷! When a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in New York strained the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by healthcare workers and…
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WAC Lighting and Glow Community Center donate masks to “North Hempstead Drive-in Movie”s event series.

With the launch of the Summer drive-in Movies series in North Hempstead, drive-in movies featuring movies such as “The Goonies,” the 1985 adventure-comedy, kicks off on May 23rd 8pm at…
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GCC College Exploration Webinar with CPC Project Gateway.

GCC College Exploration Webinar with CPC Project Gateway. Monday 5/18/2020 4pm – 5:30pm   Topics of discussion to include: CPC Project Gateway Services (link) College 101 & College Applications College…
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New York City Department of Education is lending internet-enabled iPads for NYC students.

  NYC Dept of Ed has  a “Remote Learning Device Request” form for NYC students. To help students stay connected during emergencies, the New York City Department of Education is…
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Glow Community Center partnered with local organizations and instructors to offer free online classes

Glow Community Center’s mission is to enrich community life through educational, cultural, and social programs.  To help minimize the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on our community, we have…
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Summer Creative Art and Writing Contest

Unfortunately, the Summer Writing Contest has ended. Enrollment Application   Step 1: Fill out the application   Step 2: Click this link to LIKE Glow Community Center   Disclaimer: Glow…
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Glow Community Center Youth Discussion Program

The GCC Youth Discussion Program provides the opportunities for students and peers to share experiences, concerns, and support each other. Meeting on zoom allows for students to be able to…
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GCC Sunday Club Open House Visual Wrap up.

  GCC Sunday Club Club time for families at Glow Community Center. First GCC Sunday Club open house this past Sunday 2/23/2020 1pm-7pm. 60 families, 15 instructors, 11 volunteers, 12…
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