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The Legendary Hsing-Lih Chou – Songs from The Yearning to The Glorious Era

Glow Cultural Center presents a benefit concert
The Legendary Hsing-Lih Chou –
Songs from The Yearning to The Glorious Era
從最懷念的古曲民謠, 到最驚艶的新聲歡唱

2022年8月14日, 星期日, 下午1時30分
1:30 PM, August 14, 2022, Sunday

Location: Glow Cultural Center 啓揚文化中心
133-29 41st Ave, 1st Floor. Flushing, NY 11355
門票: Ticket VIP $50, VIP $30, $20
購票: Glow Cultural Center or 紐約立人學苑
41-75 Bowne Street, Flushing, NY 11355
Tel: 718-961-3100

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主辦: 啓揚文化中心
協辦: 紐約立人學苑,
諮詢: 718- 359-1888

Dr. Hsing-Lih Chou, Folk Singer and Composer (周興立)

The “Campus Folk Song” is an important genre of music from Taiwan, rooted in student songs composed and performed on the campuses of Taiwanese universities during the 1970s. These songs were created by youth wishing to assert their own distinct cultural identities and “Sing our
own songs” (Chinese: 唱自己的歌). This new cultural movement immediately spread across Chinese speaking areas, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Chinese communities all over the world.
Dr. Hsing-Lih Chou is not only one of the pioneers of this movement, he is also responsible for a contemporary revival of the genre. In the late 1990s, when other composers gradually switched to other genres of popular songs, Dr. Chou continued to work in the original style of the Campus Folk Song, creating a remarkable legacy. He is recognized internationally as a leading Taiwanese dialect and Chinese folk singer, and has performed at many prestigious theatres and festivals including Flushing Town Hall, Queens Museum, The Rubin Museum of Art, Upstate New York Mohonk Festival, Connecticut Beechwood Art Festival, Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City and Taipei City Metropolitan Concert Hall in Taiwan. A strong advocate of community service, Dr. Chou has received many important awards. He is the Executive Director of New York Institute of Culture and the Arts; a frequent lecturer, teaching artist, and advisor at Flushing Town Hall; and curator for concerts and art exhibitions at many other institutions.
We have been fortunate at Glow Community Center to have the opportunity to host Dr. Chou’s revival of the genre here in the U.S. His performances of some of his popular folk songs, alongside those of his contemporaries, have enthralled and educated a whole new generation, reaching new listeners among both Chinese-speaking and American audiences.

台灣台中人,國立中興大學畢業,紐約哥倫比亞大學雙碩士及 教育博士,著名的⺠謠演唱家,也是最早期校園⺠歌詞曲先鋒之 一,經典名曲 〈盼〉,優雅精緻:「我把想你的心,托給飄過的 雲;願那讚美的風,帶來喜悅的信。」,耳熟能詳。他的許多作品 也被編入中國及台灣中小學團康及藝文教科書;作品〈彩色世界〉 及〈我願〉先後獲選台灣佛光山世界作曲大賽優良歌曲。
周興立熱心公眾事務,參與僑社及主流社會不遺餘力,榮任紐 約美華藝術協會董事長及法拉盛市政廳文化大使;帶動的公益活 動,佳評如潮,比如連滿十二屆的台式秀場「台灣歌仔」慈善演唱 會,是傳為美談的嘉年華;還有為促進多元文化族裔和諧的「月來 香」,是年度精彩炫麗的公益籌款舞會。
他經常應邀演講及演唱,都是著名的場所:紐約林肯中心 (Lincoln Center)丶魯賓博物館(Rubin Museum)丶紐約市立公共圖 書館(New York City Public Library)丶百老匯劇場 (777 Theater)丶 皇后博物館(Queens Museum)丶紐約州莫漢克藝術節(Mohonk)丶 康州碧奇塢藝術節(Beechwood) … 等等。並且獲獎無數,包括: 紐約州長多元教育文化貢獻獎丶紐約市議會華美文化先鋒獎丶紐約 林肯中心藝術貢獻獎丶法拉盛市政廳文化交流貢獻獎丶新澤⻄⻄溫 莎市長傑出教育文化獎,以及多位參眾市議員頒贈的嘉獎 …等 等。
他是各界推崇的亞洲文化專才,在文史丶藝術以及亞裔移⺠的 教學,有口皆碑;任教於紐約市立大學,以及紐約法拉盛文化藝術 中心,還創辦了立人學苑,是華人社區歷史最悠久的才藝學校,在 教育丶環保及家庭輔導的領域,廣受好評。
他的著作出版有:《我會寫一首詩》、《巨星的代價》、《唱 歌學華語》、《⺠歌有愛》、《⺠歌有情》、《⺠歌有韻》、《⺠ 歌有悅》,及多首經典校園⺠歌,例如〈盼〉、〈甜美的夢〉、〈風信〉、〈星夜的呢喃〉、〈母親的眼淚〉、〈雨水弄濕了我的 鞋〉、〈歸人〉、〈紛紛飄墜的音符〉…等;並有個人專輯詞曲創 作 CD《望》,以及執行製作全球知名叫好的大提琴演奏家 James Kreger CD專輯《Merry Cello Christmas》,榮登英國廣播公司 (BBC) 最佳耶誕音樂榜。