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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture at GCC

The Glow Cultural Center is a proud host of unique cultural events and classes that bring together the Flushing, Queens community and promotes public involvement in the development and enjoyment of cultural activities and performance arts. Scroll below to find out more about our annual Fall Festival, Lunar New Year Celebration, seasonal Concerts, Cultural Expo Classes, Art Exhibitions, and more!

Cultural Classes at GCC

From Chinese calligraphy to Chinese Diabolo, Glow offers a multitude of cultural classes for both kids and adults. We can also arrange sugar painting, dough figurine making, Chinese martial arts, embroidery, and Hanfu try-on workshops for an immersive cultural experience!

Bare Feet in NYC: Flushing, Queens
Season 5: Ep. 5
Mickela celebrates the Asian-American community in the most diverse and ever-changing Queens neighborhood of Flushing!

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is one of Glow’s biggest annual events! Outdoors, fun activities, and totally free, the Fall Festival is ideal for children and adults of all ages.

Lunar New Year Celebration

The best way to kick off the start of the lunar new year is to celebrate with friends and family! Plenty of traditional treats and performances are available during our LNY celebration, but it can get crowded, so be sure to check our calendar and register ahead of time!

“Love & Unity” Series & Concerts

The month of May is best known for Mother’s Day & Memorial Day, but it’s also AAPI Heritage Month! Glow hosts a concert every year showcasing talent from the AAPI’s artist community, and we’d love for you to come and show your support, too!

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is our newest addition to our exciting lineup of cultural events – complete with zongzi making, Chinese medicine trivia, and lucky bracelets!

Music Concerts & Special Events

Glow has a 1600 sq foot event space available for performances, concerts, and workshops. We work with local organizations to develop special programs for the community, such as the annual Guqin concert and youth music festivals, but we’re also make our space available for private events. Check out our event hosting page if interested!


We are grateful to be sponsored and supported by local organizations, businesses, and our local Flushing community:

For more about sponsoring our arts & culture programs, or one of GCC’s events, please check out our Sponsors Page or contact:
Liang, 718-359-1888, liang.ming@glownyc.org