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2023 Fall Festival Wrap-Up

2023 Fall Festival Wrap-Up

Highlights: Fall Festival 2023 

On October 8th, 2023, eighty volunteers gathered on the grassy fields of Kissena Corridor park to prepare for Glow’s biggest event of the year – the 2023 Fall Festival! Originally scheduled for September 23rd, the festival had been postponed for 15 days due to rainy weather. In fact, the entire month of September was the wettest ever in New York since 1882, and every weekend starting from September 9th to October 28th saw rainfall – a whopping eight weeks in a row. We were extremely lucky to reschedule to one of the few days that saw some sunlight, and were able to successfully host our eighth annual Fall Festival with gusto. 

This year, a record number of organizations & businesses came together to set up 60+ booths that covered fields such as medical care, tourism, photography, cultural advocacy, safety, legal aid, and media. Activities included FDNY’s CPR workshop, culture tatertots’ mooncake crafting, pony rides, 7-element bouncy house, Hanfu try-on, and plenty of photo booth opportunities – including our very own Chang’e from New York Hanfu, EmblemHealth’s photocall step & repeat, “superladies” from Prime fitness, and Flushing favorites Mr. & Ms. METS! Mr. Met even tried his hand at Chinese yo-yo, and did surprisingly well. 

Combined image of Cido the clown holding up a fluffy white rabbit on the left and Mr. Met (the Met baseball team mascot) playing a pink Chinese yo-yo on the right

Of course, learning from last year’s experience, we double-stocked our free cotton candy and popcorn supplies, and even prepared some early Halloween candy for the attendees to enjoy. Fall Festival sponsors gave away thousands of snacks, hygiene essentials, toys, and office supplies, and many businesses also raffled out coupons, vouchers, and exclusive prizes. The fall season is a season of plentitude and harvest, so we made sure no one left the festival empty-handed! With such capable partners, individuals, and organizations working together to make ‘23 Fall Festival a big success, Glow Cultural Center is blessed to work with this year’s co-organizers, and we would like to thank all the generous sponsors that made this event possible. 

Dunhuang dance from XH Music & Arts school featuring seven young dancers dressed in orange, white, and blue, and the "flying sky" hair bun style.

On the performance side, our 3 ½ hours of diverse cultural performances included traditional dance, demonstrations, and songs from the Philippines, India, China, and Korea, with an impressive solo in Chinese: “月亮代表我的心” (The Moon Represents My Heart, echoing this year’s Moon Festival theme)  brought to us by soprano Rachel Hippert. Singer Jianhua Shui graciously delivered a modern rendition of the ancient Yue folksong “越人歌,” and Graham Lo wowed everyone with his three-story-high diabolo toss-and-catch performance. The lively magic show brought by Cido the clown and his team had all the children squealing with delight and the festival air was filled with sounds of laughter and applause. 

Thousands of participants came despite the reschedulement and we received many more participant surveys compared to last year, with most attendees coming from Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. (Some attendees even came from outside the state!) 80% of people surveyed were of AAPI background, and about 67% live in Flushing. We hope we can make each year’s Fall Festival better than the last, and that is only possible with the feedback and support of everyone involved. That being said, Glow Cultural Center is very grateful for all the love people have shown for our events. We want to specially recognize our Fall Festival volunteers, who spent months in planning and training to serve at this event and give back to their community. Below, we have included event links and media reports, which have captured many great moments of the Fall Festival, and we welcome sharing these precious moments with friends and family. 

Four kids dressed in traditional Chinese attire (Hanfu) with 2 parents in front of the bouncy house activity.

\\ Fall Festival in the News //

Click here for more performance photos and on-the-day activity snapshots!

Our next big event – the Lunar New Year celebration – is coming soon on February 11th, 2024, so stay tuned for more updates on our website!


The event was co-organized with New York City Council Member Sandra Ung, NYC Department of Parks, NYPD, FDNY, Glow Foundation, and Coalition for Asian-American Children+Families

Thank you to our 2023 Fall Festival Sponsors: